Throw out the old mantra “No pain, No gain”, says Dr Vinay Tantuway- CARE CHL Hospitals

NEW DELHI, Dec 23: Getting stronger or going faster takes time. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are putting excessive pressure on a particular body part then it can naturally withstand. The human body is extraordinarily susceptible to injury and breakdown, and this is never more true than when engaging in physically demanding activities like sports or athletic competition. Most of the time, physical therapists are the ones that step in to help when a person is hurt or malformed and experiences chronic pain. Their role in our lives is incomparable to any. However, it is frequently undervalued, and we have the propensity to overlook its contributions to society.
Indore has been blessed to have a handful of doctors who are renowned to relieve patients of sports injuries. Looking at the current events in the series of workshops organized regularly by CARE CHL Hospitals, senior and renowned doctor Dr Vinay Tantuway, who is a specialist in sports injuries, recently organized an awareness activity program at CARE CHL Hospitals for next-generation players alongside well-known athlete Ajay Vaishnav. The duo illuminated upcoming players and athletes on the importance of sports training, diet, and sports injuries.
“Sports injuries are fairly common, and if they are minor, they can often be treated at home. However, if there is considerable pain or bleeding, a medical professional should be contacted right once. Such injuries should be immediately consulted with a specialist. Of late, many such incidents have come to the fore and several big personalities from the sports world, Bollywood, politicians, government officials, and media groups, have been victims of major accidents during everyday work or during exercise,” asserts Dr Vinay.
Dr Vinay Tantuway has established many records in the field of Sports Injury in Central India and continues to do so. He has been instrumental in playing a pivotal role in providing safe and effective treatment & rehabilitation in improving functions in people with sports injuries. He is rendering his services at CARE CHL Hospitals in Indore, a corporate hospital with state-of-the-art facilities under one roof. The hospital has always been a pioneer in social activities as well and organizes workshops for every age group and region of society. It has achieved phenomenal results consistently for its patients through the use of its custom-designed medical treatment protocols along with advanced technology for rehabilitation and treatment. CARE CHL continues to seek out new ways to benefit active people of all ages and skill levels. Over the last decade, it has built a new tradition of patient care that has led it to achieve exceptional results and marked a major milestone in the history of the hospital.
Ajay Vaishnav, on the other hand, has been honoured with many prestigious awards like Mr MP, and Mr India Civil Services, etc.

Moreover, 5 sportspersons will be adopted by Dr Vinay Tantuwayat CARE CHL Hospitals, and they will be treated free of cost if they get injured due to sports injury anytime in the future. This point was put forward by CARE CHL Hospital’s COO, Dhananjay Kumar, where he shared that any player of the Malwa region, who is playing at the MP level or National level, will be given priority to a large extent in the expenses incurred in the treatment of sports injuries by CARE CHL Hospitals.
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