Threat to State’s integrity

Col J.P Singh’s article ‘Is J&K heading for a division’ (D.E 4 Sept) is a remarkable piece that gives deep insight into how the identity of Jammu region has been eroded by subtly promoting Kashmir Valley’s unjustifiable dominance in all walks of life, political, economic, social and cultural. Discrimination against Jammu began the day when the Congress leadership in Delhi decimated the Jammu nationalist (Praja Parishad) movement against the autocratic and hegemonic rule of valley-based leadership way back in 1948-49.
The article is a clarion call to the Indian nation to understand the Islamization process underway in Jammu region, and the attempts of vitiating the harmonious atmosphere among the people who speak the language of the land. Domination by Kashmir region has been engineered systematically first by understating the real population figures and then by reducing the number of seats of law makers from Jammu region for the State Assembly. To fortify this subtle move, a law was brought in to bar delimitation of electoral constituencies till 2026. Each incoming government of the State adhering to discriminatory policy made generous recruitment of valley youth to government vacancies. It is important that a report on region-wise strength in the Secretariat and various departments and agencies of the government is brought out for public information and imbalance if any is rectified.
The letter in question is a historical document which reflects the sordid saga of how subtle moves have been made from time to time to erode the identity of Jammu and Ladakh regions or submerge it under the overarching Kashmirian hegemony. If discrimination against and suppression of Jammu and Ladakh identity continues, more voices from the region will be raised for a separate state of Duggardesh and a Union Territory for Ladakh and Kargil.
K.N. Pandita


There is urgent need to resolve Kashmir issue at the earliest. Delay tactics is not going to do any good to any part of the State-Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. The Ladakhis are already demanding Union Territory status for their overall development. They do not want to remain under Kashmiri demoniation like Jammuites.
In case the State is heading for trifurcation, then Kashmiri Pandits should too be given their piece of land called Panun Kashmir which will be under the control of Central Government directly. However, before such a situation reaches, sincere efforts must be made to resolve Kashmir issue through dialogue with all stakeholers.
Amit Sharma


The article provided the public of Jammu and Ladakh a deep insight into the real problem and the precise panacea. The author has well said that the hounding out of Pandits from Valley smashed the hollow slogan of secularism. Secularism cannot be expected from Hindus only when Islamic radicalisation is engulfing everything here.
Its still time to see the writing on the wall.Create a state of Jammu and UT for Ladakh to stop the cancer of Islamic jihad.
Brijnandan Singh Jamwal