Those who wouldn’t see face-to-face 4 years ago, are now hugging each other: Modi’s dig at Oppn

DURGAPUR: Hitting out at opposition parties over their efforts to build a grand alliance against the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Saturday those who would not see face-to-face four years ago, were now hugging each other.

These leaders used to shout themselves hoarse to send each other to jail, he told a BJP rally here.

“Those who made money from chit funds to defence deals don’t like the chowkidar,” he said.

Because of this, many diverse people had come together in Kolkata and took the oath (of ousting Modi), he said, referring to the Brigade rally organised by TMC chief Mamata Banerjee and attended by leaders of about 20 opposition parties last month.

Taking a dig at the opposition leaders, the prime minister said, “See their photos, they appear so scared. Somebody’s son, somebody’s nephew, some person himself were in the wrong and so they came together in Kolkata.”

“Your chowkidar has started a huge ‘abhiyan’ (drive) to cleanse the country of corruption and black money…The country’s most powerful and famed family is also doing the rounds of courts on charges of tax evasion and cheating,” Modi said, in an apparent reference to the Gandhi family.

Continuing his attack, he said those who looted the country by taking cuts and fled to foreign countries are being brought back to face trial for their deeds. (AGENCIES)


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