Thornton, Charlie Hunnam join ‘A Million Little Pieces’

LOS ANGELES, Jan 20: Actor Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Juri, and Charlie Hunnam have joined the cast of “A Million Little Pieces”.
The actors join Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Giovanni Ribisi in the detox drama, reported Variety.
The film is adapted from James Frey’s bestseller “A Million Little Pieces” by director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her actor husband Aaron.
The book, published as a memoir in 2003, chronicles Frey’s battle with drug addiction.
It’s big screen adaptation was in works at the Warner Bros studio but following revelation by the Smoking Gun website, which accused of Frey of fabrication, the project was shelved.
However, the project is back in works with Sam as director and Aaron in the lead role. (PTI)