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Kumud Goel
Weddings are a time in your life when you want everything to be perfect. You want to choose time of the year to get married that fills all your needs. The first thing as you decide on your wedding date, book your artist, later line up other things. It is recommended to know your make-up and hair artist, talk to him/her, speak about your wants and don’ts, discuss with them about your entire look, from the attire to the entire jewellery, makeup and hair of course. They will be the best ones to guide you, because the final show is to be played by your makeup artist. Have complete trust and confidence on him/her; they can guide you better, considering your look, face, hair, body type and multiple other things.
“When your brides trust you blindly and sit with their eyes closed with trust and confidence, masterpieces are created.”
Like every another girl, the dream of ‘her’ type of wedding is already framed. The colour game, shades of décor, the Vogue look; builds up the entire frame. Don’t go too hazy seeking what your friend was wearing, or some model or actress took that look, always remember, what suits the other person might not also suit you. You have a big day.. don’t just let it happen, make it happen.
‘Keeping It All Natural’ is the mantra when it comes to your makeup and hair. Minimalistic make- up and hair is what applies here. As a make- up artist, it should be of great concern, to have a right balance when it comes to eyes and lips. There is no way you would want your makeup to look louder than what you wear. Make- up is to enhance one’s own features and beautify them with a lot of precision and a bit of creativity. If the Bride wants a dark and heavy eye make- up, then the lipstick should be either peach or coral shades & vice- versa. Moreover, the shades depend mostly on the attire the bride is wearing. Also, much on the season and the time of the day, the wedding is. Mostly day weddings, brides tend to go for pastels and nudes, keeping it all soft, from make- up to hair, keeping soft curls or braids or a messy plait depending on the length of the hair.
It is important to get your pre- bridal services, not just a day or two prior, rather follow a proper regime at least three months prior to your wedding date or in fact, even better, the day you fix up your wedding. Also, it is of great concern to get the right type of facial treatments and other services, seeking your skin type; figure out a reputed salon and getting in touch with your make- up artist as he/ she will be the creator of your look for the final day.
Blend! Blend! Blend! until the hands get tired. One wrong move and whole makeup masterpiece will be thrown off. A good blending technique can mean the difference between a sultry smoky eye and a just plain ol’ black eye. Understand the variation, to create the magic on your wedding day. A trend followed of varying flurry eyeliner shapes, designed to make a statement and yet retain a minimalistic vibe. Achieve an ultra- mod look by merging hues like gold, bronze, and other metallics, applying them on upper and lower lash lines. Another, Oh graphic! look, using black and brown kohl and smudge it, with loads of mascara. Go nudes with your makeup only if it suits YOU and not because you saw someone’s picture on instagram.
Get trials on your look with varied attires and jewellery, to avoid all kinds of mismatches on your big day. Pastels and corals shades are trend these days; your outfit is another liner. Light pink, peach, lavender, beige, off- white are replacing maroon, magenta, orange tones of outfits. One might go for hot red, carrot red, red-pink, if preferring bright. Brides these days are opting for self- design, light sequencing and embellishments on the lehangas as opposed to heavy zardozi work that was common earlier. To match bridal wear, grooms are also getting matching peach or beige sherwanis with light self- design on them.
Your jewellery should be perfectly lined up with your attire, keeping the pearls or the ornaments, contrasting and light to wear. You may complement your pretty pastel wardrobe with some heavy earrings or the Victorian gown with a string of pearls. Some brides prefer medium- sized broad chokers to go with simple silk sarees or an “Egyptian headpiece” to go with gowns. Traditional jewellery makes a comeback with brides who desire an inspired yet authentic look on their big day. ‘Kundan’, ‘Jadau’, ‘Temple’ jewellery adds a traditional as well as a classic touch to your outlook. If you want to go native, you may strike for ‘meenakari’ collection, gaining fame. Such ornaments never get outdated. Jewellery can make or break the look. One might also choose coloured stones to go with pre- wedding outfits and a simple platinum and gold chain or pearled choker with a light coloured bridal outfit.
They say the Bride To Be is the epitome of blooming beauty, no matter where you go in the world, she has that splendid sheen reflecting every moment through her smile; be it excitement, nervousness or anxiety.
(The author is Director, Wellness Zone Headmasters Salon & Spa.)
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