They didn’t survive to live in safer area

As the luck would have it, a couple died at forward village of Chandu Chak in RS Pura today just days before they had planned to shift to a house, which they had recently constructed, in safer area of RS Pura town.
Tarsem Lal, 50 and his wife Manjeet Kour, 45, died in Pakistan shelling today inside their house at Chandu Chak.
They had constructed a house at Poonchi Basti in RS Pura town to permanently settle there as they were fed up with Pakistan shelling and firing, which has now become a regular affair every few months. They were planning to shift to the new house in the next few days.
However, they died before spending even a day in their new house in Pakistan shelling.
After protest at RS Pura town, the three children of the couple decided to take bodies of their parents to the newly constructed house in RS Pura. The couple will be cremated tomorrow.


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