There’s perfect timing for everything!

Agrita Chhiber

You all must have heard yourself or some of your friends saying Ah! What a timing. Timing is everything. All you can do is work hard and have perseverance if you are really determined about achieving a particular goal.
You must have experienced something like this at some point of your life too, when you must have been trying really hard for something, let it be a job or something as trivial as finding an outfit for a party, you may not yield the desired result at that particular moment, but after some time when you just casually give these things a try it happens like a magic. And you are awe struck, why it didn’t happen earlier? The answer is because the timing was not right, so never quit trying because you never know when that right time may arrive.
Folks, it can be disheartening when you know that you worked hard for certain exam or tried really hard to get into specific institution but couldn’t get there. Don’t lose hope if once you fall get up and try again if you don’t get there you will surely land up somewhere, where your work and knowledge will be acknowledged. I know it’s not easy to accept failure, but if you just sit and relax, then think about it, what will you achieve by just constantly being sad and murmuring to yourself “you know I really did work hard this time, I gave so much time to it, but then why couldn’t I get through it”, ok even if you cry aloud and keep banging your head on the failure…what will you achieve? Will you get that specific thing? Obviously nothing.
Things are supposed to happen when you are ready to receive them. Stressing unnecessarily about something only blocks the passage between you and your desires because when you stress you create a blockage which stops you from acting further and you end up sitting on your couch cribbing, “I think it’s not meant for me, I can’t do that, or he is surely lucky that’s why got that particular thing”. The only difference between you and them is of trying with a positive attitude. Giving up on one defeat will only lead you to your fancy couch or probably to your bed and drown in deep slumber where you don’t have to feel the reality, whereas the second slot belongs to those people who take defeat as a lesson and thrive so that they don’t lose their perfect timing. There is very less population in the second slot as people prefer the first one more as cribbing, crying over the spilled milk is something that comes naturally to humans instead of trying. That’s why there are few people who shine out the whole population setting examples for others to know they did the work and got the result.
If you want to learn what persistence is US President Abraham Lincoln is the perfect person to look upon, who got a number of opportunities to quit but fought all the challenges in spite of major defeats. Born into poverty, lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. He could have quit many times – but he didn’t and because he didn’t quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history. Started struggling as early as 1816 when his family was forced out of their home and he worked to support them to the magnificent year 1860 when he was elected as the President of US. Not quitting and working with persistence and perseverance for 44 years makes him a champion. It took him 44 years of hard work before that perfect timing arrived.
Better quit bad habits than your dreams. Dreams are meant to be lived, but it’s only possible when you do the work without caring about the outcome.