Theaters to introduce e-ticketing in Mysuru

Theaters to introduce e-ticketing in Mysuru
Theaters to introduce e-ticketing in Mysuru

MYSURU:  The Mysuru Film Exhibitors Association has plans to introduce e-ticketing to avoid cine goers standing in queue in front of theaters.

Even though the exhibitors had proposed e-ticketing before demonetisation, the initiative is more relevant and convenient now. As multiplexes offer tickets online through different platforms, the single screen exhibitors do not want to lag in providing facilities.

Mysuru Film Exhibitors’ Association Secretary M R Rajaram  said that e-ticketing is expected to become a reality by January and cine-goers can book their tickets from home.

We are in talks with some firms. Various options are being worked out to introduce convenient booking of movie tickets. The film exhibitors of Mysuru have been taken into confidence.

Mr Rajaram, who is also the Vice President of the Karnataka Film Exhibitors’ Federation, said movie-goers who stand in queues for tickets in single-screen theatres often ask the ticket counter staff on why the exhibitors have not introduced the facility of buying tickets online. Film enthusiasts prefer handiness and often cite the example of facilities offered by multiplexes. Taking a cue from cine-goers’ feedback, we decided to introduce e-ticketing, he said.

On whether the e-ticketing facility was feasible for single-screen theaters, he said, It was in the discussion stage and there is consensus among the exhibitors. One day or the other, we have to embrace new technologies to stay in business.          Asked whether cashless purchase of film tickets gains significance in the light of demonetisation, he said the initiative will surely benefit cine-goers.

Mr Rajaram claimed that single-screen cinemas continued to enjoy patronage despite the presence of multiplex theaters.

He said, there is a committed audience for single-screen theaters and they will continue to survive if the long-pending problems of film exhibitors are addressed effectively.



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