The power Herb

Ashok Gupta
Ashwagandha, which is also called “Indian ginseng”, is native to India. Its name originates from Sanskrit language and is a combination of the word Ashva, meaning horse and gandha means smell, which explains why users describe the scent as “horse-like”.
Ashwagandha as herbal remedy: Ashwagandha was used as herbal remedy for hundreds of years. It helps to boost the immune system, improves memory and enhance good health.
Its plants contain a chemical that have known to help calm the brain, reduce swelling or inflammation, decreasing and releasing stress, lower blood pressure and improve immune system.
Reduces sign of ageing: Ageing is greatly affected by stress. When we experience stress, it causes levels of cortisol to increase in the body.
Menopausal support: Aswangadha plant extracts, affects the endocrine system positively by encouraging hormone balance. This herb can help reduce symptoms, such as hot flashes mood, swings and anxiety.
Improves sexual health: Ashwagandha is also mentioned in Kamsutra, one of the oldest surviving texts on human sexuality as a powerful stimulant. The herb aids sexual health and vitality by reducing tension and increasing blood flow, sexual desire and satisfaction.
Memory enhancement: Ashwagandha may protect the brain from the oxidative stress that leads to neuron generation. It also improves long term visual memory due to stress frightening effects that aids in relaxation.
Increases energy: The intake of Ashwagandha increases the energy in body and plays important role in fighting mood imbalance connected to depression.
How Ashwagandha is to be used: The roots, leaves and fruit of Ashwagandha plant are used-medicinally. It is classified as an adaptogenic herb. This type of herb may help restore normal body function and resist the damage stress. Their plants are grown best in full hot sun. The leaves and roots can usually be harvested in the first year. When the herb is purchased in capsule form, it should be purchased from reputed agency.
Side effects: When taken orally for few days, it has no side effects. But continuous long use increases seductiveness and increases the effect of alcohol. People with bleeding issues or an upcoming surgery should not use this product. It should not be taken by pregnant ladies. People are advised not to use it empty stomach as it causes diarohea and nausea.
A word of caution: It should be used after the consulting and supervision of family Doctor.
(The author is Joint Director Floriculture)