The Mission B2V Festival of Development

Kuldip Khajuria
Spiritual genius of commanding intellect and power, Swami Vivekananda was pragmatic enough to understand that immortal India pulsates not in cities but among the millions living in villages. All the wealth of the world can not help one little Indian village if the people are not taught to help themselves so let us try to live in villages and try to empower them. Because,It is our responsibility, that we got educated at their expense. Now it is our moral duty to give back to the nation.
Again the entire administration of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir will be at the door steps of the people continuously for over one month, to give mega push to the developmental activities. All complaints received and administrative issues raised during the earlier two phases of B2V shall be solved to the extent possible, if they include issues like shortage of staff in village schools, offices, health institutions, lack of transportation and complaints against the particular employee.
Few days back the author was on his private visit to some remotest villages of the district Udhampur and assessed the ground reality. It was noted that Udhampur district is the only district in Jammu , getting massive response of the Govt.programme i.e. Back to Village (B2V) especially from the remotest and militancy infested areas. The participation of the people from the areas which escaped due attention of the concerned authorities owing to various administrative exigencies, was also quite encouraging.
It is learnt that Back to Village programme is aimed to involve the people of the UT and Government officials in a joint effort to deliver the B2V- mission of equitable development, moreover the programme is aimed at energizing panchay and areas through community participation. Its aim is also to bridge the gap between the achievable and achieved goals in the rural development.
It is unique initative of the Government in the recent past also narrated by one innocent villager namely Ram Lal of Shiv Gali, the remotest area of Dudu to the author ; Babu ji, My village is in the lap of nature surrounded by the greenery, moreover mountains. Our village abounds with vast stretches of pastures, meadows, but Babu ji lack of Pacca road, pacca paths and transportation is what we need the most. During the unfair weather we remain cut off from the entire district, even many times from the Block headquarter also. Only one or two vehicles ply through our village,that too in fair weather only. Even then we are satisfied, given with the little and peaceful life of our village… But,Babu ji for the last few months some senior officers of the Govt. are visting our panchayats and village too, and shared their feed back about Govt. schemes – with them and and sought redressal of grievances. Even some officers are staying put in remote areas of Latti and Dudu Basant Garh, so that the real progress of the developmental works can be brought by working together as asserted by our Lt .Gov. he added.”
Our country is in villages said so many great leaders and scholars. India is a country in which 60 percent of its population depends on agriculture, cattle, by products from cattle etc. Swami Vivekananda has rightly said in his message ‘ So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor who has got educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them’.
Challenge: The innocent villager / Farmer do not need any luxurious items / place to enjoys, because he enjoy his job i.e farming. Only this is his loud music and his dance floor, but somehow, improving quality of life at least some basic amenities needed and which is the paramount duty of any govt. to provide.
Solution: Sustainable programs in the areas where Development lack, the Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj should give more thrust. The key stakeholders and decision making bodies should be made aware of the problems faced by the people where the initatives were not given priority and neglected. Strong need for youth development, changing mind set about sanitation / education, innovative strategies, audio video programmes, moreover monitoring of school- drop out rates with goal to reduce it. The RDD should give more thrust on road connectvities, power, health, drinking water, water bodies, housing , public transport, moreover entertainment facilities for children and youth, like Rural sports, Festivals, Melas ,open air theaters etc., with this the migration of rural population in the cities will also be reduced / stopped. The author also feels that time has come for media, the most powerful communication tool to do some serious interospection. We need voice of reason, objectivity, hope, courage and calm. In a Parliamentary Democracy like india, the public representatives have a huge role to play in scripting the country’s growth narrative. So they should act as a role model for the society.
The author appreciates the initiatives taken by the Govt. like B2V which emphasizes on the empowerment and development of Panchyats. Mega push for Centrally sponsored schemes like PMAY(G), MGNREGA, 14th FC and awareness abhiyans like Swatch Bharat, Unnat Gram, Jan Sunwai, Jan Adhikar etc. , are eternal and somehow show beacon to the entire country. Therefore more continuous efforts are needed by the RDD to bring down regional disparities, especially by the political parties. Caste , cash and community must not be allowed to play any role in such programs/schemes. People too, must elect their representatives on the basis of character, caliber, capacity and conduct.
Here I would also like to mention about the relevance of man making mission spoken by Swami Vivekananda. He said ; “Man-making is my mission of life. I am not a politician, nor I am a social reformer. It is my job to fashion man… I care only for spirit; when that is right, everything will be rightened itself”.
Now, when the 3rd phase of flag ship B2V pogramme is all set to begin in Jammu and Kashmir, the Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha has directed about 5000 officers of UT of Jammu and Kashmir to reach out to the people in each Panchayat, so that the real progress can be brought by way of working together. Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mentioned this programme on 15th August address to the nation and in his Mann Ki Baat naming this programme as ‘Festival of Development, Public participation and Public-Awareness , thus appealing the villagers for taking the benefit of the mission.
The programme B2V which is being organized from 2nd of Oct. to 12th of Oct., as the earlier two phases of the program witnessed the tremendous response, particularly from the rural areas. The RDD now this time need to keep eyes open on the quality of development works, by way of quick inspections touring the far flung jurisdictions of the blocks, so that the cheats in the society do not get the food of the deserved. The lazy rogues must not be allowed to spend Govt./ public money to no good. Hence strict vigil is also required.
Lastly the author is in the opinion that ‘ It is not the villages which have to be brought to cities for development rather development should reach their huts, so that the villagers like Ram Lal may feel sigh of relief.
(The author is a Social activist)