The lyricist crosses the line

Shiban Khaibri
“Nafrat ko kaatata hoon mohabat kay roop main,
Main chhaaon bo raha hoon badee sakhat dhoop main ”
Attempting to interpret the lines, “I repay hate with love in the circumstances like I am sowing soothing shade under the scorching sun “. Going by by the pages of true history coupled with this great country’s cherished principles of upholding , preserving and strengthening human values and human dignity, peace , tolerance and watering the roots of ‘live and let live’ going on for thousands of years seen in the context of ruthless Muslim invasions one after the other for hundreds of years followed by the most tragic human disaster in 1947 by slicing this country to satiate the fanatic,divisive, hateful and exclusive ambition of Indian Muslim League together with political ambitions of Gandhi Ji and Mr.Nehru supported by other Congress leaders, the kernel of the above couplet has all along remained true in letter and spirit. That was demonstrated by this country irrespective of the fallout of the partition in the shape of a holocaust, by agreeing to become not a theocratic state but to become religious neutral or remaining equidistant from any religion while the two parts sliced out of it, became hard core Islamic states. You would give no credit for that to the non -Muslims of this country and instead dare drawing analogies with the savagery of Talibans with noted nationalist and truly honest organisations and manufacture “Hindu Taliban” – the RSS being branded as ”Hindu Taliban” and allied rubbish? It is shocking as it is wounding the feelings of crores of Indians attached with the policies and the noble cause of servitude of the mankind – the RSS and other organisations ( called as Sangh Parivar) named as Talibans by the concerned lyricist whom this writer like most of Indians used to hold in esteem for his nationalistic remarks which he very often used to express as his ”avowed” commitment. Javed Akhtar has crossed the line and crossed it very ruthlessly quite unexpected of him and completely unbelievable from him .
A poet is above the littleness of the prejudice, the malice, the lies, the misinterpreting of things and above all make blundering analogies perhaps to score some points or play to the galleries or even attempt to get a niche reserved in a particular group of people, community or a region.We were told that poets chose right words with upright meaning; the words become a guide to us to go inside the imagination of a poet as to how things should be in his or her perception. Unfortunately, not behoving a poet to nurse prejudice on unsubstantiated and unfounded premise, baseless and conjectured perceptions and the like against a patriotic organisation , hypothetically even if with pro Hindu leanings as such prejudice exposes the intrinsic of the person. Is it a sin in this country , this country with the base of Sanatan Dharma – not Hinduism – there is nothing like Hinduism- that an organisation is with some leanings towards the seven decades neglected Hindus ?
Why should illusory pseudo secular brigade , the grandiose club of counterfeit liberals , the wavering Red Leftists, supporters of TukdeyTukdey gang and Jihadi secessionists feel jittery over anything related to Hindu community in this country – for that matter the RSS, and the Sangh Parivar. The RSS represents the core culture of this country and berating this organisation is aimed at insulting and denigrating the tolerant and peace loving Hindu community . All these 70 years post independence , this writer may call post partition, this type of policy had gained so much acceptability and legitimacy that for example while reporting a desecration of a temple , caution was exercised to write and report … “and a place of faith of a particular community …” where both the desecrated object and the victims thereof were kept in absolute secrecy – why not in respect of other communities may look to some quite ordinary but that carries a lot of connotations.
Who is anyone , for that matter JavedAkhtar to compare the RSS with the Taliban and the rhetoric in respect of illusions like Hindu Rashtra? History is testimony that Hindus can never be oppressive, invasive and ones to thrust their faith, ideology and culture on anyone by force , coercion or even by incentives. Mightiest Hindu empires have never invaded other countries to spread the faith or usurp territories by subjugating natives and demolishing their symbols of religious, cultural and historical symbols. Indian history does not start from the period of invader Mughals but thousands of years prior to them. Sanatan Dharam, the oldest religion of the world and the oldest civilization surviving despite onslaughts of unparalleled dimensions is and should be no threat to peace, liberty, religious freedom, way to live one’s life and the like unlike savage Talibanis where if any section of the society is imperilled the most , it is the women who are on the streets of Kabul and other places demonstrating against those, most of whom are dreaded terrorists declared internationally and even carrying rewards on their heads but have grabbed power to rule. Peacefully but forcefully protesting Afghan women are beaten by steel rods and whipped publicly .Innocent officers and officials who had served in the previous dispensation are killed ruthlessly. Women are asked to live strictly according to diktats and not according to their wishes. Women posters and images in normal course on the Malls etc are blackened. Terrorists like Siraj-ud-din Haqqani are made important Ministers. A Taliban- Al-Qaida coalition has assumed power in Afghanistan. Panchsheer which had emerged as an area of resistance to Taliban is subdued with the active support of Pakistan including by its jet bombers raining bombs on the place to be handed over to Taliban.
Can any of these ”traits” be compared with the RSS even remotely by employing any limits of stupidity and prejudice ? Mullah Hasan, Mullah Baradar ,Siraj Haqqani and other most wanted terrorists , now in full reins of ruling Afghanistan – are there any parallels with the RSS or any organisation of Sangh Parivar in any way? If not, then what conspiracy , what mischief, what design and what aim is to attack anything thought remotely connected with the Hindus of this country? Shindey, Chidambaram, Rahul Ji etc were seen not tired to drive this narrative up to the limits of legitimacy of “Hindu Terror” and even now, if any organisation is berated and attacked day in and day out by select pseudo secular lobby and those who feel insecure in this country – it is the RSS though knowing fully that they were indulging in sheer tantrums only and doing it only for electoral gains but Javed Akhtar should not let his intellect and poetic broad vision get plummeted to the levels of making wrong and motivated analogies . The outreach to Muslim intellectuals and thinkers by the RSS with all assurances that ”we all are Indians with the same ancestry, culture and values” is again a severe jolt to the built up narrative driven with all speed and force by those elements who thrive on planting hate, doubts , indifferences and unfounded fears.
It is high time Javed Akhtar remembered his own lines ”yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar ; kisi ko dekhna ho agar, tou pehle aakay maang lay meri nazar teri nazar …. Yeh ghar bahut haseen hai….”Yes, this Ghar or the country is “Bahut Haseen” the most beautiful by its very soul. We have not forgotten these lines, therefore, the poet Javeed needs to withdraw his words – unsavoury about the RSS and Hindu Rashtra or whatever like.