The Car Tracking Device You Need

As fascinating as owing a car sounds, it does come up with a lot of concerns. Car security and safety of your family members can be named as few of those concerns. In today’s technology-rich environment, you don’t need to be paranoid and worry continuously about car security. Contemporary technologies like a GPS tracking device makes security easy for you.

Whether you want to your GPS tracking device for safety measures or tracking real-time location, everything is possible.Most vehicle tracking devices are easy to install, and they work without any glitches. Though these devices miss out on detailed information such as monitoring the speed of the car, face recognition of the driver and the co-passengers and the list goes on and on. However, some vehicle tracking devices that are capable of these features.

KENT CamEye –Next-Generation GPS Tracking Device

The primary purpose of any GPS tracker is to allow you to know the real-time whereabouts of your car. Though looking at the numerous snags that you face on the road, a simple GPS is not enough. A typical GPS tracking system only tells you about the location of the car but does not provide any additional knowledge about the other facets of the car. KENT CamEye is one of its kind reliable vehicle tracking system which offers more than the bland vehicle tracking. So, be assured, this is the best sought out solution for all your concerns.

First thing’s first, what are the distinguishing features of KENT CamEye?

Video Live Streaming(Dual Camera)

A usual GPS tracking system does not come along with a camera facility. However, with KENT CamEye dual camera, you can protect your car and your loved ones from numerousinstances on the road. With technological advances, this device lets you access live video streaming of either camera from anywhere at any time.During trips, this feature records and streams the mesmerising views and lets you live stream it on multiple screens. There is an integrated face recognition technology that sends out an alert if anyone other than the designated driver sits on the driving seat. It ensures the safety of your loved ones and the safety of your car.

Monitor Real-Time Alerts

A KENT CamEye vehicle tracker monitors speed limit alerts, geo-fencing alerts, power plug out alert, low battery alert, and so much more. With these alerts, you know precisely when you need to take action.Artificial intelligence-based smart alerts, such as unknown driver detection, over speeding and rash driving can be configured and sent on your smartphone. For example, you could establish a red alert if the car if it is going over a certain speed limit or bleaching the set parameters of the area. These alerts also make it easy for you to track the driving behaviour of your teen or the chauffeur. Once you get the alert about the over speeding or rash driving, you can call the driver instantly and take action upon their irresponsible driving. These alerts work devoid of you having to vigorously monitor the tracker.

  • Geo-Fencing

KENTCamEye letsyou set a perimeter, and if the car goes out of the designated boundary, you will receive a notification on your phone. Using the geofencing, you can set-up digital zones onthe map, and you will be alerted whenever your car enters or leaves an area.

  • Place of Interest Alert

This feature is especially useful when the driver is an assigned employee or a teen driver with limited experience on the road. With Geo fencing, vehicle tracking and place of interest alert, you can be aware of the location of the car and the user’s proximity to the specified place of interests.

Above mentioned points are some of the few pointers on how KENT CamEye is the perfect vehicle tracking device for all your needs. Learn about the position of your vehicle and the performance history of your vehicle with the help of this best reliable and trustable solution. You are just one stride away from a worry-free driving experience. Book your own KENT CamEye from Amazon India and get it delivered straight to your doorsteps.