The beggar problem

The beggar problem is very acute in the developing countries of the world, particulary in India. From morning to evening, we meet hundreds of beggars. Some have children. They chop and cripple their hands, and limbs. These crippled children beg for them. Foreign dignitaries visit it all the year round. But what a shameful and sad panorama meet their eyes. The beggars are a curse on the fair name of society. They are of all ages. It is a slur. It is a serious blot. The society must rise to the occasion and solve this problem at once.The Government must put an end to it and rehabilitate all the beggars. They can become very useful to the society. Let us do something for them. It is a real virtue. It is true humanity.
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar,
Sarwal, Jammu