Terrorism is a ‘Frankenstein monster’: Advani

Terming terrorism as a “Frankenstein monster”, senior BJP leader L K Advani has said that the global community cannot afford to adopt “selective approaches” in dealing with terrorist groups and use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy is short-sighted.
Advani, who is among a group of visiting Indian Parliamentarians here attending sessions of the UN General Assembly, said India has faced the scourge of terrorism for over two-and-a-half decades with the South Asian region having been wracked by activities of the biggest terrorist actors in the world like Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamat-ud Daawa.
“The fight against terrorism has to be unrelenting and fought across all fronts. The international community cannot afford selective approaches in dealing with terrorist groups or in dismantling the infrastructure of terrorism,” Advani said in his address on ‘Measures to eliminate international terrorism’ yesterday.
He said terrorism is a “Frankenstein monster” and resorting to the use of terrorism as an instrument of State policy is short-sighted.
“Indeed, those who have taken recourse to it have invariably themselves suffered immensely from it proving the age old dictum that those who play with the sword, also perish by it,” Advani said.
He said terrorism, extremism and radicalisation continue to pose a serious challenge to peace, progress and prosperity in the South Asian region.
He asked the international community to step up its collective efforts with real cooperation among member states to confront the scourge of terrorism “squarely and decisively.”
Noting that terrorism constitutes the most serious challenge to international peace and security, Advani said terrorists in today’s world are not only globalised, but are waging an asymmetric warfare against the international community.
“India condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. No cause or grievance could justify terrorism. We need to adopt a holistic approach that ensures zero-tolerance towards terrorism,” he said.
Advani stressed on the need to constantly expand the scope of the legal instruments taking into account the changing nature of the threat and expand enforcement efforts to destroy safe havens for terrorists, their financial flows and support networks.
Acknowledging the “seminal role” played by the UN in combating terrorism, Advani said the normative framework at the world body to deal with terrorism needs to be strengthened continuously.
“Time has come for adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism which has been pending for a long time. The convention will further strengthen the implementation of the Global counter-terrorism strategy,” the senior BJP leader said.
Advani reiterated India’s support, particularly to efforts within the purview of the UN, that strengthen international and regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism.
“The success in the fight against terrorism goes hand-in-hand with progress in strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation and exchange of information at the international, regional and sub-regional level,” he said.
Advani added that an effective and balanced implementation of the global counter terrorism strategy requires greater cooperation than the one the international community has so far been able to achieve.
India is Chair of the UN’s Counter-Terrorism Committee and has been focussing on providing a political direction to the work of the committee as well as a greater momentum to efforts in bolstering member states’ ability in confronting the scourge of terrorism.
Last year, the committee had adopted an ‘Outcome Document’ which urged all member states to ensure zero-tolerance towards terrorism.
Next month, the committee would be organising another Special meeting with member states and relevant international and regional organisations focussing on “prevention and suppression of financing of terrorism.”
Advani also listed steps taken by the Indian government to strengthen the country’s strategic, legal and operational framework in the fight against terrorism.
He said as part of India’s operational counter-terrorism framework, the National Investigation Agency is mandated to investigate and prosecute offences affecting the sovereignty, security and integrity of India. (PTI)


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