Terrorism and espionage

Pakistan, as if having vowed right at taking birth in 1947 never to desist from doing mischief and indulging in activities that were aimed at harming India. Not only does it promote and export terrorism but occasionally is found actively promoting espionage activities too against India. After its Pulwama type of a possible terror attack having been recently foiled by Indian security forces, two of its staff members at Pakistan High Commission have been found on tape and in a sting operation involved in espionage activities working for its notorious ISI intelligence wing.
The two were apprehended red handed and declared as ‘persona non grata’ since their activities were found to be incompatible with their status as members of a diplomatic mission and asked to leave India within 24 hours. India, has therefore lodged a strong protest with Pakistan over the uncalled for and hostile activities of its these two officials of the High Commission. In addition to it, Pakistan was asked to ensure that no such activities took place in future that were inimical to the interests of India.