Terror victim’s petition gets response from NHRC

The order of the State Human Rights Commission (now defunct) issued in the year 2012 in respect of a petition filed by a family member of a terror victim and his son, has been upheld by the National Human Rights Commission . The victim , a noted poet, writer and a social activist Sarwanand Kaul Premi and his 27 year old son were abducted by terrorists during night from their village in Kashmir and mowed down after inflicting horrible tortures on their bodies in 1990. The Commission has served notice on the UT Government through the Chief Secretary, urging it to submit report within a month in respect of the complaints filed by the terror victim family .
The ground of the complaint being denial of the requisite remedy thus taking place of violation of human rights has been taken into consideration by the NHRC . Since the NHRC is competent enough to intervene and initiate actions with intent to ensure succour was provided to the aggrieved family , it is hoped that justice would be done in their case even though belatedly say after 31 years of the killings and eight years of the order passed by the then SHRC respectively. Recounting the nature of the terror violence comprising looting entire household of jewellery, cash and valuables followed by abducting of father and son, inflicting tortures and killing them in cold blood , even now sends shivers down the spine in the villagers . The apathy of the then State government even after communicating about the case to the then Chief Minister by NC leader and the then Union Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah, is not only surprising but intriguing as well. Restoration of land and payment of rent for the victims’ house occupied by the security forces are other recommendations made by the Commission in favour of the family.