Terror attack foiled

Security forcescomprising the Army, the CRPF and the Jammu and Kashmir police deserve kudos and all commendation in foiling a possible severe terror attack on Thursday which was just on the pattern of last year’s Pulwamasuicide bomber attack which had resulted in the martyrdom of 40 CRPF personnel. A car borne IED containing 45 kg. of explosives intercepted at one naka and the terrorists managing to flee from there,however, at another naka facing similar resistance from the security forces abandoned the car and fled away. Hizbul-Mujuhideen and Jaish-e-Mohammed terror outfits like last year’s LetpopraPulwama bomb attack are believed to be involved to target security forces.
Pulwama re-run, however, was on the cards as the security forces had pointed and perfect information about this Pakistani plot to again spill blood on the roads of Kashmir which was thwarted , smashed and duly scotched . While defusing 45 kgs.of the explosives in the car , the explosive debris going as much as 50 metres high depicted that the explosives were not less than 45 kgs in weight . That shows the extent of thediabolical and satanic planning to trigger death and devastation by the terrorists. However, the nefarious role of Pakistan in the instant case got not only exposed but it burst like a bubble. However, it needs to be underlined that while all efforts are made to have normalcy restored in Kashmir , Pakistan and its based terror outfits are constantly at work at the devil’s workshop to derail the process in which they would never succeed.