Teaching as a career

Dr. Bodh Sharma Bral
I bow down at the lotus feet of all the teachers in the Cosmos with eternal gratitude and high reverence, who illumined the lives of millions of disciples and kindled the knowledge and virtues essential for a perfect life. One is really blessed by the Eternity if one gets chance to serve as a teacher. Undoubtedly, the profession of a teacher is very challenging and responsible but it acclaims a high reverence in the society. It is quite debatable whether ideal teachers are born or made through proper education and training. I had been studying in the third class when my uncle used to call me as Professor as he noticed some innate traits reflected while teaching to younger brother.
The basic responsibility of a teacher at the school level, college level or university level is to impart knowledge to the students so that their all round development becomes possible at physical, mental, psychic and spiritual spheres. A teacher is like the luminous Sun radiating the rays of knowledge on the students. The scriptures remind us the glorious teachers famous for their genius students who eventually, brought a lot of transformation in the evolution of consciousness upon Earth.
The modern teachers are highly intellectuals serving in new teaching system based upon the latest technology and other superior teaching infrastructure. The duties, responsibilities and accountability of a teacher have been increasing day by day and one is expected to fulfill in the due course of time and space. In consideration to the service rendered, a teacher gets handsome salary along with the high status in the society.
To become a teacher one requires the essential qualification and appears for the interview as well. One is selected on the basis of job specification as well as the response in the interview. However, the failure in one interview does not indicate that one is imperfect to become a teacher rather introspect and identify the weak areas. Meanwhile, after conquering the weakness, appear for another interview with double strength, unshaken faith and iron will to be selected as a teacher. Aspire for teaching as a career not for personal ambitions rather as an instrument of Eternity to spread the rays of wisdom in the Universe and preparing the aspiring souls for their mission in the World. While living with the young students, this profession keeps the teacher always young and progressive. One needs to be updated with emerging concepts and has complete mastery of the subject one teaches. As students appear for the exams after a span of time but the teacher has to face a test in the class on daily basis. The benevolent smile on the face of the students after the class is the initial feedback of a teacher.
The profession of teaching involves admitting students, teaching students, setting papers, evaluating manuscripts, preparing results and several other assignments. The teachers at the university level also conduct research by supervising research scholars and undertake research projects along with the consultancy services.
Several governing and regulatory bodies have been introduced several initiatives to make the teaching system more transparent, perfect and effective by formulating and implementing various schemes. A teacher serves as a catalyst for the success of these action plans. We all know that the Birthday of Ideal Teacher, Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan on 5th September, is celebrated as Teachers’ Day and the students also celebrate this day with fervour and deep reverence to their beloved mentors.
A teacher is expected to be intellectual, regular, punctual, dedicated, honest, unbiased, sincere, committed, magnanimous and concentrated. To become an ideal and worthy teacher, the sincerity and purity of character are indispensable. A teacher has to manage the time and plan the daily routine so that all can be done calmly and perfectly within the prescribed time limits.
The teaching profession is quite laborious as sometimes the official work has to be done at home as well in the form of evaluation and research activities. The holidays usually pass in doing admissions, refresher and orientation courses, FDP, conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities necessary for enhancing the knowledge and gaining promotion. As teaching involves transfer from one place to another after an interval of time, then, the support from the family members helps a lot to perform the duties effectively. In teaching one must flow persistently as the river of knowledge towards the ocean of Wisdom as the stagnation pollutes the mind and intellect of a teacher. A teacher is a role model, mentor and social reformer for creating a harmonious world. I salute all the teachers for their superb services.
(The author is Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,
University of Jammu, Jammu)