Teachers’ higher studies but with permission

How can any member on the teaching staff in School Education Department (SED) go to pursue higher studies unless permission for the same was duly sought from the competent SED authority? It is reported that in many cases instances of bypassing the mandatory requirement of informing and seeking prior permission for the same having been observed resulting in creating messy situation as no information for the same with the department and the resultant necessary arrangements not made to resolve shortage of staff created many problems.
Even otherwise also, conduct rules and disciplinary norms warrant informing the School authorities, seeking permission to go in for higher studies and getting the requisite leave sanctioned violating which must attract disciplinary action against the erring teaching staff. It also becomes incumbent upon a desirous teacher to apply for permission sufficiently well before the start of the academic session of such higher studies say usually normally six months before. Only when, perhaps, spate of complaints having poured in the offices of the concerned authorities, the issue got highlighted necessitating issuing of guidelines as also a caution to the erring teaching employees to stop the practice of bypassing due permission.