Tawi Sahitya Lok Utsav showcases vibrant literary, cultural diversity on day 2

Principal Secretary Department of Culture Suresh Kumar Gupta releasing Heena Mahajan's book on Saturday.
Principal Secretary Department of Culture Suresh Kumar Gupta releasing Heena Mahajan's book on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 30: The second day of Tawi Sahitya Lok Utsav, organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) in collaboration with the Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, Jammu, showcased a vibrant tapestry of literary and cultural activities.
Held at the picturesque venue of JKAACL, the event captivated attendees with a diverse range of experiences, including interactive sessions, book launches, poetry recitals, and insightful workshops.
The day began with the release of Heena Mahajan’s book titled “Jammu Di Chidi” by Suresh Kumar Gupta, Principal Secretary, Department of Culture.
Afterwards, the event continued with book launches facilitated by the Sarv Bhasha Trust and Subhi Publication, presenting the literary creations of esteemed authors to eager audiences. The session witnessed unveiling of four captivating literary works, enriching the literary landscape of the region.
Adding to the literary fervor, the IGNCA book stall hosted the prestigious book launch of Manoj Misra, a distinguished author, against the backdrop of scholarly discussions and interactions. This momentous occasion furthered the event’s commitment towards fostering meaningful literary dialogue and exploration.
Interactive sessions featuring prominent authors from diverse linguistic backgrounds were held at the main stall JKAACL, facilitating engaging discussions on various dimensions of literature and culture. The attendees had the opportunity to delve into the nuances of language and storytelling, enhancing their understanding of rich cultural tapestry of Jammu and Kashmir.
The vibrant ambience of the event was enhanced by soul-stirring performances at the Kavi Sammelans, celebrating the poetic traditions of Kashmiri and Pahadi languages. Held at the Main Ground Stage and Dogri Village, these performances captivated the audiences and highlighted the cultural richness of the region.
In addition to literary endeavours, the attendees immersed themselves in the world of short stories at designated parks, where talented storytellers showcased their literary prowess.
A workshop on cultural journalism, hosted at Dogra Village, aimed at promoting the cultural heritage and tourism potential of Jammu and Kashmir, provided participants with valuable insights and perspectives.
The event also facilitated meaningful interactions between publishers and authors, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Innovative initiatives spearheaded by students, such as the publication of seven books by MIT students at IGNCA Park and a thought-provoking talk by Hina Mahajan at the Main Stage, underscored the dynamic energy and creativity of the youth.
Special activities and interactions at the IGNCA stall, including workshops by the National Book Trust (NBT) and discussions on reviving folk culture and traditions, provided attendees with enriching experiences throughout the day.
Dr Rashmi Singh, Commissioner Secretary Hospitality and Protocol, in an interactive session with Professor Saham Narayan Lal on the topic revival of traditional folk culture, emphasized the importance of preserving heritage, promoting community participation, and fostering pride in traditional folk culture for cultural resurgence.