Tap connections for all

Implementation of ‘Jal Jeewan Mission’ in Jammu and Kashmir is all about to provide tap water connections to all households in the rural areas. With natural sources of water, especially for drinking purposes shrinking fast due to host of reasons, difficulties faced in rural areas are enormous, to overcome which, the benefits under the said flagship scheme of the Government of India are going to be extended to all households in rural areas where providing assured basic services to the people like the tap water in order to raise their standard of living at least minimally, is a commitment of the Government. Delivering water supply is the most important service providing to people who in its absence face heaps of problems , mainly health related. Reasonably sufficient in quantity but safe for drinking water, still remains a dream in most of our villages especially in farflung ones.
That Jammu and Kashmir is planning cent percent coverage under the scheme by 2022 shall surely be generating a hope among the deserving people and it is expected that whatever is envisaged under the scheme shall be implemented by means of proper planning and adhering to timelines. Proper and periodical monitoring shall result in achieving the results on expected lines. This is so in the light of the Union Minister himself talking to the Lt. Governor G C Murmu in this respect and stressing upon the work under the scheme to be taken under campaignmode.