Tallest cake in world at city college

Students from The School of Hotel Management and Catering Science, AJK College of Arts and Science today unveiled a 40-foot tall cake, claiming to be the ‘tallest cake in the world,’ beating the record by China, where a 32-ft cake was baked.
The cake was prepared and set up by 15 students, taking nearly 18 hours, using 2,200 eggs, 335 kg refined flour, 215 kg cream, 120 kg of mixed fruits (dry) and 680 kgs of sugar, and arranged on 10 layers, Ajit Kumar Lal, Secretary, of the college told reporters here.
The cake was made in a ten-tier height and the students worked from the metal and wooden scaffolding to decorate the gigantic cake and Chinese record was of eight tiers.
The main intention to display the cake was to create awareness that the students can also create record in a small city like Coimbatore, Ajit said.
The cake will be cut in the evening and sent to different orphanages in and around the city, Ajit said. (PTI)


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