Supreme Court Grants Trump’s Request to Block Subpoenas Seeking Financial Records – Filing

WASHINGTON, Dec 7: The US Supreme Court has granted President Donald Trump’s request to block House subpoenas seeking his financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, a court filing revealed.
The Supreme Court blocked the subpoenas request until December 13 and is seeking a response from Trump’s legal team by December 11, Justice Ruth Ginsburg wrote in the filing on Friday.
Earlier on Friday, Trump requested the Supreme Court block subpoenas issued by the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees that are seeking to obtain his financial records from Deutsche and Capital One.
Trump’s lawyers argued that the subpoenas target Trump’s private affairs that occurred before he became US president and that the subpoenas raise “profound separation-of-powers concerns.”
On Thursday, Trump requested the Supreme Court also block House subpoenas issued to his longtime accounting firm Mazars USA in order to turnover his tax records to the Manhattan district attorney.