Supporters of Pak’s MQM hold protest rallies in front of White House, State Department

WASHINGTON, June 20: Supporters of the Pakistan’s Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) held peaceful protest rallies in front of the White House and the State Department here seeking right to self-determination under the charter of the UN Human Rights.
Participants of the peaceful demonstration alleged that the Mohajir community, particularly living in the urban cities of Sindh, are the most vulnerable to ISI’s atrocities and brutalities.
“We have already submitted full detailed report regarding this latest incident to your office,” MQM said in a petition submitted to the White House and the State Department.
Demanding the “right of self-determination” under the charter of the United Nation’s Human rights, they urged the administration to send a United Nations team on the ground to speak with Mohajir and oppressed Sindhis to get the true sense of ground reality.
“Help stop Chinese colonization,” the petition said.
MQM also demanded that the UN and Human Right Organization intervention to stop the ongoing human rights violation, including enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killing and political victimisation of the people of Sindh.
“Stop the spread of Islamic extremism in the south Asia region protected by Pakistan Army and ISI. Stop ethnic cleansing of Mohajir community,” they said. (PTI)