Sunny Nehra is considered the top Cyber Security Expert in India. Here’s why

Sunny Nehra is rated as the top Ethical Hacker and top Cyber Security Expert in India because of his unrivaled skills in analyzing, testing and securing such a vast variety of IT infrastructures.

Recently Sunny Nehra was viral in the news for finding critical bugs or security loopholes in the official websites of Indian Army, Haryana as well as Punjab Electricity, Haryana CM, and many other very important govt websites. Earlier in Aug 2021, IAS Sanjeev Gupta (former Digital India CEO) had tweeted about Sunny’s shocking revelation about an official web server of UP Vidhan Sabha that had been hacked by malicious foreign hackers to host hidden drugs forums. Apart from this, he has found many critical security flaws in top giant companies, top global universities, leading banks, etc, and because of such extraordinary bug hunting skills, he is rated as the top ethical hacker in India.

Anyways, what actually makes Sunny Nehra the top Cybersecurity expert in India is his very sharp understanding of the core protocols and design of even the most sophisticated IT infrastructures. Because of this understanding, his bug hunting skills are not limited just to websites rather he takes more interest in testing wireless networks, IoT devices, hardware, cloud security implementations and configurations, and apart from that even in reverse engineering and digital forensics. Sunny holds top-level certifications in multiple IT domains including networking, cyber security, digital forensics, and has been helping top Law Enforcement Agencies in cracking perplexing cases. When the question is about top cyber security experts, a common person with less tech knowledge is often misled and to understand things better one must go through the next two paragraphs below.

Earlier we saw a rise of Cyber Security Experts who were mostly some highlighted persons who would spread awareness about common cybercrimes and would provide basic cyber safety tips to the masses. Gradually an era of those experts came who would work for conducting basic training for Law Enforcement Agencies as well as some experts who would write books on cyber security (with quite naive content), those who would conduct webinars or seminars related to cyber security covering very basic level things and mostly just theoretical knowledge. Most of these experts had no practical experience of coding, were not developers, had no idea of real-world security loopholes in applications, in fact even no implementational knowledge of security protocols or configurations related to cyber security or in short say when it was about practical knowledge they were not up to the mark. In fact, many of them were exposed for plagiarism in their books, pointed out for teaching wrong concepts or providing wrong answers in seminars or webinars, and marked as security charlatans.

With time as Cyber Security became a mainstream topic, the bug bounty or bug reward programs and the need for dedicated cyber security became common among corporates, we saw a generation willing to learn the practical aspects of cyber security and an era of those cyber security experts started who were web pentester or web bug hunters that is the persons who find security loopholes in web applications or websites to gain reward by reporting those to concerned teams. Most of these hackers started limiting themselves to learning and trying some basic methods along with using some basic payloads or common scrips to move across the different sub-domains of the websites and find bugs sufficient enough to get rewards. This basically limited the mindset of most of the hackers to a very narrow range and so when it comes to sophisticated level hacking or testing complex infrastructures they stand nowhere. But Sunny Nehra did not keep himself so limited for sake of making some bucks and rather kept increasing his level with time.

Sunny Nehra is regarded as a next-generation Cybersecurity Expert for his ability to analyze and test such a variety of IT infrastructures. And not only just he tests the IT infra for security loopholes but also goes to those root causes of these loopholes that are beyond the technical aspects. Like he had made a Twitter thread explaining how exactly the allocations of IT projects based on lowest cost biddings, the outsourcing chains of these projects and other problems led to the Indian govt websites being so insecure.

Sunny Nehra is undoubtedly the top Cyber Security Expert in India considering how versatile his skillset is that too in different IT domains, considering his vast conceptual as well as practical knowledge in a variety of IT aspects, considering his unrivaled skills in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security.