SUN Mobility partners with EVeez

Mumbai, Aug 18: SUN Mobility, the leading provider of energy infrastructure and for electric vehicles (EVs) has partnered with EVeez. EVeez is one of the pioneers in Electric Vehicle subscription ecosystems in India, dedicated to last mile and middle mile connectivity.
To tackle the growing environmental concerns, this partnership aims to further bolster the adoption of electric vehicles in India as the companies look to deploy over 10,000 vehicles across the country in the coming year.
To promote mass adoption and usage of EVs, EVeez and SUN Mobility aim to offer co-mobility as a solution wherein the same vehicle can be used for various purposes by multiple people.
For this deployment, EVeez will leverage SUN Mobility’s state-of-the-art battery-swap solution-based Mobility-as-a-Service offering. This is integrated with electric vehicles, smart batteries, along with access to a wide network of SWAP POINTS.
As a part of this plan, ~200 vehicles will be added to EVeez’s on-ground fleet every month. As of today, around 250 vehicles have already been deployed and are running across Delhi-NCR. Starting September, the operations will further expand to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Chandigarh Tricity.
This partnership will jointly provide customizable and integrated 2-wheeler swap solutions to the riders. (UNI)