Summer Bridal Make-Up

Shahnaz Husain

Summer brides need treatments that make them look and feel cool, fresh and vibrant. In summer, sweat and oil secretions are deposited on the skin making it look dull and greasy. Cleansing the skin before make-up is most important. Wash off with plenty of cool water.

After cleansing, use chilled rose water to tone and cool the skin. This is not only refreshing, but also helps to close the pores. Dip cotton wool pads in it and wipe the skin. Also, pat briskly on the skin to stimulate circulation and add a glow. If the skin is dry, apply liquid moisturizer. Otherwise, apply astringent lotion before foundation.
“Go Natural” is the key to summer bridal make-up. For foundation, the natural look is in. The dewy look with light tinted moisturizers would be ideal for summer. The aim should be to have a smooth and sheer texture, without too much foundation. In fact, matte (non-shiny), water based foundation should be used in summer. A water based foundation is better for summer. Look for light, oil-free foundation, with a sheer, matte finish. Dot foundation on the face and blend with a damp sponge or with finger tips. Don’t forget the neck. Apply loose powder, or try compact powder to set the foundation. Use foundation with beige tones, rather than pink. I feel beige suits Indian skin colour better.
When you apply make-up, remember not to smear too much or rub it. Whether it is foundation or blusher, it is best to dot it with a light touch, using a finger tip, or an applicator. It can also be applied lightly and evenly with a damp sponge.
Try tinted powders, like warm yellow tones of powder. Bronzing powders may also suit. If you want a really healthy glow without the shine, go for a bronzing powder. Avoid applying too much. It should be lightly applied, using a big powder brush.
If you wish to cover a pimple or spot, it should be done before applying foundation or powder. Concealing sticks are available for this. Using a thin brush, paint over the spot with a little concealer, or lighter shade of foundation than the normal foundation. Then, apply a little powder.
At night, you need more colour. Applying lipstick with a lip brush helps it to last longer. The lip colour should match the attire. However bronze, coral, copper, burgundy and even red would look good for the night. Bright lip colours look good with dusky complexions and traditional Indian clothes. Coral lipsticks are in fashion. A coral or dark pink lipstick may look very attractive, even with light coloured clothes. Apply a hint of lip gloss after applying lisptick. This gives a fresh and cool look.
A hint of blusher should be used on the cheeks. A powder blusher is easier to apply. Use it after you have applied powder and at the end of your make-up. Apply on the cheekbones and blend it outwards and slightly upwards.
Waterproof make-up
Waterproof make-up cosmetics are available. For example, waterproof mascaras and eye liners will prevent eye make up from running during the hot and humid season. Waterproof or water resistant lip colours and lip liners are also available. Or, go for matte lipstick and add just a dab of gloss in the centre for a delicious pout.


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