Sulla Park: The Scenic Spot in Reasi

Dr.Banarsi Lal, Dr.Vikas Tandon
Reasi is one of the most important places in terms of tourism in the Union Territory of J&K. Religious places like Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, Shiv Khori Shrine, Dera Baba Banda Bahadur, Baba Aghar Jitto Ji, Siarh Baba, Nao Devian, Deva Mai, Dhansar Baba etc. are in Reasi district and devotees from across the globe used to visit these spots throughout the year and pay homage. Bhimgarh Fort and Sulla Park are also important tourists’ destinations in Reasi district. Throughout the year the Salal Hydro Electric Project located at Dhayangarh, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVD), Kakaryal, Narayani Hospital, Karkayal and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tanda are important centres in the district which added glory to the district. Banganga, Anji. Ans, Rudd, Plassu, Pai etc. are the tributaries of the Chenab River which added charm to Reasi district.
Reasi district of J&K is bestowed with the natural beauty. This district of J&K contains numerous religious and tourists spots and thus is considered as the hub of tourists’ spots. Thousands of tourists across the globe used to visit this district every year. The natural beauty and the religious spots in the district attract the tourists across the globe. The pleasurable cool breeze blows across the mountain range and flow of beautiful Chenab River glorifies this district. In the months of July and August one can experience dense fog accompanied by continuous drizzle which makes the weather quite charming in Reasi. When one moves from Katra to Reasi one feels that he/she has come in the lap of nature. This 30 Kilometer distance from Katra to Reasi attracts thousands of tourists across the nation and abroad. In both sides of the road the traditional villages can be observed by the visitors. The Bhakerwals and Gujjars can be seen with their sheep and goat grazing at the hills. While visiting at Reasi one can enjoy the nature.
Sulla Park is a one of the important tourists’ spots in Reasi district of J&K which is known for its natural beauty. This park is located on the bank of River Anji. This spot is located at Katra-Reasi road and is about 4 Km from Reasi town. The tourists visit this place especially during summer season to enjoy the splendid beauty of the place during their vacations. A beautiful park and a Shiv Kund are situated in the park. One can easily reach this spot from Jammu by matador, bus or by the own car. This park has spectacular view and can attract anybody because of its natural beauty. Tourists across the nation come here to have the holy dip in the water at this spot. The bridal look of the Sulla Park attracts the nature loving people to come close and explore what they like.
There is Shani Devta temple, a natural cave and Hanuman temple. The park is well decorated with all the natural things arranged in a synchronized way. The palm trees, ornamental bushes and green grass make this spot special one. The spot has splendid view and anybody can be attracted by this spot because of its exceptional beauty. This place is also known for the cool weather especially in summers and many people come here for picnic. From this particular place many tourists move towards Shiv Khori shrine which is about 70 Km from here. But if one wants to enjoy the summers in Reasi and wants to make a pleasurable journey, one can visit Sulla Park and then can proceed towards Salal Dam which is on Dharmari-Reasi road. At Sulla Park especially in hot summers, we observe the pleasurable cool natural breeze which reminds us about the Kashmir valley like atmosphere. On one side of the park there is Anji tributary and on another side there are steep green hills. The greenery in the hills added beauty to this spot. Chenab River ahead of Sulla Park added charm to the place. At Sulla Park, one can experience the pleasurable weather, cool bathing water, ping-pongs for children play etc. The fish in the freshwater of swimming pools at Sulla Park gives another enjoyment to the eyes when they move in water. One feels relaxed while visiting at this spot and always wishes to visit again.
This park is well maintained and decorated with ornamental plants. The bushes are regularly trimmed and trees have been planted scientifically with the proper spacing. The beds in the park are designed in a systematic way. The swimming pools in the park can win the heart of anyone and bathing in these pools soothes the soul. Statues of Hanuman and Shani Devta added religious importance to this spot. So this spot purifies the souls of visitors.
The temples at this park are neat and clean and are regularly visited by the devotees. This spot can also be termed as the socio-religious spot. The devotees who visit Vaishno Devi and Shiv Khori Shrines also visit this spot. The devotees worship at this park and also enjoy the beauty of nature. Bath in the cool water of swimming pools give special enjoyment. When one comes in this park, one thinks that he has come in the lap of nature. There are tea stalls and other shops outside the Sulla Park where one can have the refreshments. While going towards Reasi from Jammu, one can stop the vehicle and have a glimpse over the beauty of Sulla Park. In summer many local people to come in this park especially in the evening and enjoy with their children. The greenery on the hills near this park added charm to this spot. It has become a picnic spot for the school, college and university students across the nation. Visit to Sulla Park can become a memorable travel for anyone especially in summers. This spot has intrinsic tourism potential. This is a typical park of unique beauty and one can spend quality time in this park.