Sujok Therapy Clinic reopens

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 4: Sujok Therapy Clinic has been revived and reopened at Day Care Centre, Exhibition Ground, here from today.
Run by the Central Government Pensioners’ Welfare Association, Jammu (CGPWA) as its one of the major initiatives, the clinic was formally launched on December 17, 2017 but due to COVID pandemic it was suspended from April this year.
Sujok is Korean therapy which is based on a concept of “Healing without Medicines” and natural treatment of all diseases. This is a drugless therapy akin to acupressure that treats all types of diseases by balancing the energy system of the human body. This healthcare system believes that diseases are nothing but an imbalance of the energies of the “Panch Tattya” (five elements) due to some environmental factors and this therapy helps in balancing these energies to regain and maintain a perfect health.
Sujok therapy is simple treatment which is absolutely safe, medicine less and without side effects. Its popular theme is “you have nothing to lose except pain”.
Before suspending the Clinic, many chronic cases were treated at the clinic. It provides free treatment but welcome donations.
According to a spokesman of the CGPWA, the Clinic is functional from 11 am to 1:30 pm on all working days of the week. Anyone who wishes to visit the Clinic to get treatment must observe all COVID precautions prescribed by the Government like wearing mask, carrying sanitizer and maintaining social distance.