Subsidized kerosene oil scam

Issuing licences at will to a large number of retail dealers to sell subsidized kerosene oil was going on during the period 1997-98 to 2006-07 in utter violation of rules and regulations. This oil in bulk is reported to have been routinely sold in black market and ill gotten money shared. The worst part of the scam is that nearly more than 110 ‘retail outlets’ were found non -existent while monthly quota was regularly being released to them. Those Directors who were responsible for going totally against the norms and facilitating the subsidized kerosene oil reaching those other than intended have not been identified and booked under law except one who too attained superannuation in the year 2002.
Special Judge Anti Corruption, Jammu has therefore directed the Crime Branch to reframe the charge sheet with special reference to the time period and the material against individual accused. Moreover, such nonexistent retailers have not been identified let alone sent to jail. Whole sale dealers responsible for supplying the quota to the retailers too are free, so are the concerned area inspectors. It is to be seen how fast the Crime Branch swings into action now so that the accused are behind the bars.


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