‘Study in 12 cities for setting benchmark on urban transport’

NEW DELHI, June 7: The Urban Development Ministry is conducting studies across twelve cities to identify service level benchmarks on the basis of which future urban transport projects would be planned.
Giving these details, Urban Development Secretary Sudhir Krishna today said three institutions – Centre for Environment Planning and Transport (CEPT), Ahmedabad, Institute of Urban Transport (IUT) and the Urban Mass Transit (UMTC) (both Delhi based) have been engaged to conduct this study.
“We had a workshop yesterday in which many states had been invited and we had engaged three institutions (for conducting the studies on transport),” Krishna said.
He said transport was the foremost requirement for urbanisation, and for developing urban transport there was the need for exact specifications on which infrastructure could be developed.
The three organisations had been selected for conducting studies in twelve cities and this study will identify service level benchmarks for urban transport, the UD secretary said.
The study would be conducted in Jammu, Mysore, Patna, Ahmedabad, Surat, Hooghly, Kohima, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Jaipur, Vijayawada and Nanded.
Krishna said that his Ministry was also focusing on pedestrians, and wanted that footpaths should be user friendly and in good condition. Pedestrians would include differently abled people also, he added.
“We are also examining public bicycle system,” Krishna said, adding that for this infrastructure including lanes have to be developed.
He added that the Central government is also looking at using trams as a mode of urban transport.
“Trams have to be developed. We have undertaken a study on tram system which are still functioning in Europe. We should not abandon any mode of transport. Trams could also operate in BRT corridors,” Krishna said. (PTI)


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