Striking employees

Reports of differences among some factions of striking employees’ unions have begun to come in. State employees have been pressing for the fulfillment of their demands and honouring the commitments made by the Government in regard to their demands made earlier. We have said in these columns that if any commitment has been made to the employees, it should have been honoured and implemented. No cause should have been given to the employees to take the unfortunate decision of going on strike and paralyzing state administration. Even if the commitment was made and in a subsequent re-visit the Government found that it may not be possible to fulfill those commitments, the best way was to take the employees into confidence and broach the matter with them and explain to them the difficulties in the way. That has not been done. Moreover arresting about 300 employees in a night round up and then releasing them after feeling the pressure is not the right way of running the administration. This apart, split in the body of employees on certain small differences is going to be harmful to their interests. It will be equally problematic for the Government because the Government, even if willing to talk, would not be sure to who to talk as there will be many factions. Ultimately the ordinary employees will have to bear the brunt of failure of talks. Keeping this in mind, we would advise all concerned at the leadership level of employees’ unions to shun differences and patch up and remain unified in pursuing their goal peacefully and without violence.


Traffic lights system in Jammu
It is reported that Jammu city will see traffic lights blinking very soon at 30 intersections. It will be an important development in streamlining chaotic traffic in the city. Increasing traffic is making life of people quite miserable. Everywhere one goes one sees long line of vehicles stuck in jam. These traffic jams often cause delay in reaching offices well in time; and sometimes it is seen that patients needing medical help desperately plead for some passage. Not only that people are seen fighting with each other and calling names over overtaking and rash driving.
The traffic jams have become a norm in the city of temples as Traffic Department often complains that they can not tackle this problem due to manpower shortage.
In case traffic lights system works efficiently, it will help in over-coming the increasing traffic rush in the city. This was a long pending demand of Jammuites, and hopefully one expects that the new system may help in reducing traffic jams.
Yours etc…
Aditya Sharma

Young writers
This has reference to the news item “Dogri’s future linked with young writers’ DE May 21.
Dogri Sanstha Jammu is doing a commendable work by grooming budding writers. It is this group of writers who will shape the course of Dogri writing in Jammu. These writers need to provided moral and financial support to cross over initial hiccups. Their works should be published, read, commented upon, debated and criticised. Only then it is possible that the works of young writer would come into limelight. Besides, young Turks would find a field for their writings among the younger generation.
Without this support, it would be very difficult for them to move ahead and carve out a space in the literary field. This apprehension is there because a number of good writers who did not get much support sank in depths of oblivion.
Yours etc…
Deepak Pathania
Pacca Danga,

VAT on CSD items
Refer J M Behl’s letter dated May 21, 2012 with regard to VAT on CSD items, I may point out that the State Government is infact losing revenue as ex-servicemen and serving personnel are buying cars, two wheelers, and other things like refrigerators, TVs, washing machines etc from CSD canteens in the neighbouring state of Punjab. The Government stands to lose the registration fee of all vehicles. The local dealers are also losing their business due to wrong policy of the Government.
I hope the point will be considered by the people at the helm of affairs and corrective measures taken accordingly.
Yours etc…
Jagdev Singh (Ex Capt)
ITI Road


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