Stop tolerating tainted candidates: Kundal

Excelsior Correspondent

Independent candidate B R Kundal addressing public meeting in R S Pura on Tuesday.
Independent candidate B R Kundal addressing public meeting in R S Pura on Tuesday.

RS Pura, Dec 16: Former Chief Secretary, Minister and independent candidate from R S Pura, B R Kundal (MLC) has asked the people to stop tolerating tainted and corrupt politicians as their representatives.
Addressing series of public meetings at Boli Chak, Tare Chek, Jagtu Chak, Salehar, Makhanpur, Simbal Camp and other places in R S Pura constituency today, Mr Kundal advised the people to show their place to the tainted and corrupt candidates. He  said that during elections candidates make several promises only to lure voters but today’s voter is very wise and knows whom to vote.
“People get glimpse of politicians or candidates only during elections and I am contesting in the elections for the first time because I spent my whole life as an administrator”, said Mr. Kundal, adding that he is not luring voters but only seeking vote with honesty and to make RS Pura prosper in every manner.  He said that other candidates come during election period and after that they disappear for 72 months.
The former minister further said  that many opportunists will come during elections to befool voters by making fake pledges to develop the area  but people should take the initiative to ask them their previous record and then only cast their valuable vote. He said that for the last 18 years RS Pura has tolerated a lot by successive MLAs as they have neglected the constituency for their petty gains and exploited people of the constituency. “Cast your valuable vote only after comparing the candidates and if  I deserve your vote and support then cast it for development, prosperity, progress and employment to unemployed youths, he reiterated.
Kundal said refugees have been facing discrimination for the last 67 years and it is imperative to give them rights. He castigated Central Government for rejecting package.  He said that RS Pura constituency will witness unprecedented development if he is voted to Assembly.
Prominent present on the occasion were Janak Raj Sarpanch, Vinod Sharma Sarpanch, Om Parkash Sarpanch, Devinder Sharma Sarpanch, Sangram Singh Sarpanch, Ravinder Singh Sarpanch, Rajinder Singh Nathu Sarpanch, DD Shivgotra, Harbans Bhagat, Devinder Sharma Sarpanch, Yograj Singh -Panch and Madan Lal Sarpanch.


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