Stop fleecing patients

Patients even are not spared by the greedy who want to earn a fast buck and morality and ethics, both are being, with impunity thrown to winds by those who clandestinely run a nexus or a sort of syndicate around our hospitals in Jammu. This nexus comprises some “reputed” private hospitals from outside the State and some committed local agents who are seen operating in Government Medical College and Hospital here in Jammu.
Their immediate and ultimate aim is to squeeze and fleece helpless patients who otherwise deserve and must receive all empathy and help due, under normal course to a suffering person.  They employ all tricks in motivating attendants in shifting their patients outside the hospital. Not only this, to ensure due “response”, they park their private ambulances for shifting away their victims  as fast as possible. The illegal exercise is in utter violation of the orders of the Transport Commissioner, J&K. It may be noted that any private ambulance must obtain the permission from Transport Department authorities as also from Director Health Services.
This evidently cannot go on unless some support from the “insiders” was forthcoming. Such insiders get their promised commission in the name of “helping” the patients get better treatment outside the State. When a case reaches Emergency wing of the GMC&H, readily available agents and touts start  following them and discourage the patients from getting their patients admitted and forcing them shift the ailing to their private hospitals.
Why is there no vigilance wing operating in the hospitals which otherwise is the need of the hour as, the State is reeling under terror threat always. Why are the cases of no prompt response from hospital ambulance services inquired into ? Why is no internal mechanism in the administration active to nab corrupt insiders? All these lapses provide a field day to these touts and agents of private hospitals including some reputed ones. Despite many shortcomings in the hospital facilities and shortage of Doctors, the level and the standard of medical treatment in Jammu and Kashmir State hospitals is absolutely up to the mark.