Stone pelting

Stone pelting has become a part and parcel of Pakistan sponsored, aided, abetted and sustained terror violence in Kashmir. The trend, tenor, intensity, mode and the target strategies are reviewed intermittently by these over ground supporters of terrorists. The shift from attacks on the security forces when in operation to take on holed up terrorists to JK Police personnel to even school going children has been “widened” to target even innocent tourists visiting and sustaining tourism in Kashmir.
Tourism is the backbone of the State economy and provides employment to thousands of people directly and indirectly. Last year, several pilgrims returning from the Amarnath Yatra too were attacked and killed in Kashmir.
Those,  who overtly or covertly have a soft corner for such unbridled over ground facilitators of terrorists, the stone pelters, must have surely felt ashamed over a young tourist from Tamil Nadu getting  grievously wounded by stones aimed at him by the stone pelting mob and he  later succumbing to the injuries.
Though this solitary incident was not going to adversely affect the tourist season in Kashmir, yet such elements needed to be dealt with more sternly as it tarnishes the image of the people and has the potential to create fear and insecurity among those otherwise willing to visit Kashmir.