Stock Investing A New World for Women

Sunil Seth
Stock Investing is generally considered a MEN’s World but the culture of “Work from Home” has opened the door for “New Women World” too. Earlier categorised as the “Home Maker”, they are the new entrants into the “World of Investing”.
CORONA turned out to be a catalyst for “Digitising” any and every move of ours; be it at “Professional, Entrepreneurial or Domestic”. During the times when even the groceries are being ordered on net and the internet is opening new horizons for them, then why not to take a step forward to utilize the time and knowledge to contribute financially to the kitty of the family by just sitting at home and that too without incurring any additional cost. Every household lady, be she an uneducated or educated has a mobile in her hand with internet connectivity.
The only needed thing is the orientation and manifestation of a new horizon in which a big part of growing wealth and ensured sufficient retirement income is invested in a manner that can outperform inflation. A big number of educated females without job, dearth of jobs and adding to it, the avenues being limited because of the social setup not allowing them to work in many fields dominated by the males. The “Stock Investing” definitely and undoubtedly can be the best instrument amongst all . Once her perception is given the wings to fly in this new world, It can be a respectful answer to the unemployment issue where she need not wait for the vacancies and run here and there to secure the jobs for financial independence which is something very much needed for a respectful living in today’s world.
The role of the women has undergone a sea change as compared with that of yesteryears and it is making its greatest impact on the society. With the changed world, financial equality and independence are imperative for women too. Paradigm is that the women are less aggressive than their male counterparts because of the inherent qualities that differentiate them from the male investors in their approach for investing. Their attitude for more risk consciousness, willing to acknowledge and research what they don’t know and the idiom ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’, correctly sums up their investment approach. It’s not surprising that only 23 percent of certified financial planners are women. Fidelity reports that only 9 percent of women think they make better investors than men. Merrill Lynch and Age Wave found that only 52 percent of women say they feel confident managing their investments compared to 68 percent of men.
Women being less impulsive, more disciplined, less risk taking, more planned, in possession of multi tasking capability; handling kids, family, job together in many cases and above all a modest fear of risk in their basic traits can be a boon for them when they delve in “INVESTING”.
Icing on the cake can be that no bossism, no additional infrastructure (but the home itself), nil subordinate staff, feeling inferior because of disparity in the salaries between the two genders coupled with immunity from the cases of sexual harassment (many a times at the work place) – the ultimate advantage and all this is possible only by delving into the world of “INVESTING”. Biggest of the advantage is starting your investment with a meager amount of Rs. 10 or 20 or any amount one can afford and a smart phone with internet connectivity. Rest all the magic lies in one’s orientation, proper guidance, interest and knowledge which, too, is readily available on YOU TUBE forum .The concept of work from home, no office, no boss, no subordination, no financial constraint and flexibility of time is all it offers. Smart phones, smart women, smart money, financial literacy should be the mantra for the new generation female brigade and thus women empowerment. Future will be theirs!