Sticking to Our New Year Resolutions

Anu Sharma
The New Year is the start of new ambition, skill, education and most importantly, the new hope for most of the people. We’ve passed the year which had a lot of difficulties and happiness with ease and now are ready for more challenges and satisfaction.
Education is a dynamic sector and we have also made resolutions before, but just like anybody else, we too break it up. But this time let’s make a pledge that we are going to stick to our resolutions and make sure that we change with the coming time.
Lord Krishna told Arjun that Resolution has immense power. When someone resolutes keeping god and good things in heart then things change according to his wish. In old times our sages could do anything by only taking resolution. That was the power of self-discipline and yoga.
We are humans with good and bad bundled together. When a child is born in the world, the heart is pure and it takes in whatever it observes while growing. When we get matured, it is time to shape ourselves into a good person. This can be done by washing away unwanted thoughts/habits from us and cultivating new and positive habits and disciplines as a part of life. Such a change can happen with a well determined resolution.
Many people decide to work on a specific aspect of their personal life they believe needs improvement for the upcoming year. Such resolutions include: losing weight, eating healthier, and spending more time with family. Although their original intentions are good, they are quickly hindered by old routines and busy schedules. The main issue with many New Year’s resolutions is they are unrealistic and not well planned. My resolution consists of one word: devotion.
Resolution is not only a promise to itself but involve lots of devotion, determination and will to change .
I have noted down a few resolutions that I would like to share stick onto them.
Being Organized:
The most important of all is to be organized. I never have the habit of organizing my work and therefore end up in incomplete homework and projects. So this year let’s plan to be more systematic and organized, so that we finish our work on time and do not keep pending, the works assigned to us.
Be a Good Reader:
Secondly I would like to focus on being a good reader. We all know that reading is a good habit, but we hardly take the time to read, even if we have time. So this time let’s decide that We would spend some time in a day to read some matter or a book that would improve our knowledge and interest in reading.
Cut Down Time on Internet:
Another area that I am really concerned about is the excess time we spend on the internet. Hours together we sit in front of the system/mobile phones, though we know it is just wasting our time unnecessarily. Let’s decide to cut down the time we use for surfing and make it more productive, rather than just visiting social networking sites and chatting.
Learning New Languages:
Learning some new languages is always a plus. Learning new languages will help us discover different cultures and traditions around the world. This skill will help us communicate better with various people and also let us read literature books of different writers. Since I will be taking classes specified to my interests and future career, I will be surrounded by my students with whom I want to share linguistic knowledge. As a teacher I want to develop some linguistic skills in them which will help them in long run since many have no time to learn this important trait.
As you know knowledge never goes waste, so cultivating this hobby into them is surely going to reap good results. But beforehand we have to master that art. Letting go of our impossible standards for ourselves and stressful schedule will allow us to be enveloped in the atmosphere where we can pursue our goals and continue to work hard in our fields and finding the time to balance these new interest will be important which will expand our horizons and will help us truly enjoy the experiences that we have thought of so passionately.