Sternly discourage hooliganism in Exam centres

How can those among numerous candidates aspiring to pass PSC examinations and build an honourable career in life afford to act like petty criminals and ransack Examination centre in Srinagar as also snatch question cum answer sheets from other candidates? Their cause , demand or having even any sort of complaint does not entitle them to behave in an unruly manner and it would be fully justified for the authorities to take strict action against them including barring them from taking such examinations for a couple of years.
If sabotages and malafide intentions are carried even into the exam centres, then it is the limit . Which conduct allows to break doors , windows , smash window panes and disrupt the conducting of the examination , preventing other candidates from answering their papers and snatching answer sheets and papers ? That the Deputy Controller of Examination and a few candidates were injured due to the uncalled for violence unleashed by miscreants in this exam centre in Srinagar depicts the extent of the violence and ransacking . What could be their motive except creating disturbances and breaking law , peace and smooth conduct of examination? CCTV cameras , if installed which as a matter of safety and security should be there, must have recorded the incident as also the culprits against whom action must be taken forthwith to pre-empt and discourage any such incidents in the future.