State pensioners

State pensioners have strong justification for making various demands to ameliorate their lot. As these demands come from the Pensioners’ Association, the Government should consider them not only sympathetically but also seriously. We are part of a dynamic society meaning that development and standard of living are showing upward graph. The 6th Pay Commission had made its recommendations essentially keeping that factor in sight. We do understand that the State Government was facing financial crunch which was the reason for it to defer and then disburse DA but in installments only. Pensioners accepted it and thus cooperated with the Government. But now that phase is over and the Government is fully aware that the cost of living has increased several folds. Treasury code and verification authenticity system at present are cumbersome. These should be made easy. It has to be realized that pensioners are senior citizens and in most cases old and infirm people for whom physical rigour is not advisable. The case of widows receiving family pension should also be given special consideration. It does the Government no good to make these elderly womenfolk go through very rigorous exercise of treasury code and verification authenticity. They are the hardest hit among the pensioners. The demand for increase in medical allowances is of vital importance because the class of people meaning the pensioners being elderly people is prone to many physical ailments. Medical assistance has become very expensive these days. The Government should consider the demands of the pensioners very sympathetically.


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