Start Sports Centre at Ranjit Sagar Dam

Much gap between rhetoric and practical action on the ground could be seen in respect of how water sports activities in Jammu division are just simply ignored and delayed for providing logistics and other support base by the premier sports body of Jammu and Kashmir – J&K Sports Council . This is so in spite of the financial support announced by the Union Government worth Rs.3 crore for the much hyped project in RanjitSagar Dam near Palia village of Basholi . The scheme, it may be recalled , under the PMDP announced in 2016 to encourage water sports activities in Jammu division, is nowhere to be seen even after a period of five years .
It is reported that the Sports Council has still not taken possession of the proposed site from the UT Tourism Department. There could be difficulties of minor nature in taking possession of the site but utter non-seriousness by the Council in the matter for as long as five years has caused dismay to the sports lovers who having special interest in water sports had high hopes of the proposed Sports Centre coming up at the earliest. When similar facility , as earlier also reported by us through these columns, could come up in scheduled period at Nehru Park near Dal Lake in Srinagar , what particular problems are keeping the Sports Council from taking the requisite initiative at RanjitSagar Dam in Jammu ? Officialdom related paper works, red-tape, process of floating tenders with no outcome, no interest by the concerned authorities to break the inertia engulfing the entire project, no cooperation between Tourism, Revenue and Sports Departments and other reasons have all resulted in wastage of five precious years . Could at least transfer of land take place for the project at an earliest to set in motion other related works?