Stalwart of Gojri literary movement

Dr Javaid Rahi
Gojri is the third largest spoken language of Jammu and Kashmir after Kashmiri and Dogri. Further, it is a main tribal language spoken in both the provinces of Union Territory. Gojri, also known as Gujari -Gurjari, Gurjar Bhasha, Maharo Gurjar Bhasha- owns a vast treasure of word-hoard besides the rich tradition of creative, written literature and folk- inheritance including folk-songs, folk -tales, proverbs, and other oral-lore.
If one traces the literary journey of the various regional languages of Jammu and Kashmir, which have rapidly developed during the past seven decades -Gojri language has emerged as one of the main languages, in terms of its creative and modern literature.
The organizations which are vigorously promoting Gojri – a tribal language, include All India Radio, Jammu/ Srinagar/ Poonch stations. The Radio undoubtedly has played a leading role in popularizing Gojri in rural and challenging areas of the erstwhile state. Further, Central Institute of Indian Languages, situated in Mysore, Karnataka, under HRD Ministry Govt of India, has also published various books, thereby preserving its linguistic and phonetic aspects.
The J&K Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages is a leading organization that has played a pivotal role in developing, promoting, and preserving Gojri language and Gujjar culture. An independent section is working to document its literature and culture since 1978. There are many writers who have contributed in the Gojri literature one of them is the name of Dr. Rafiq Anjum, a paediatrician (Doctor) by profession, emerged on Gojri’s horizon in the year 1993 with his first poetic collection, ‘Dil Darya’ in Gojri, that won State level ‘Best Book Award’ from a premier cultural institution that is J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages for the year 1996.Later his two more Gojri books were also appreciated in literary circles.
As a Poet
Dr. Anjum is primarily a famous romantic poet of Gojri. His main contributions to Gojri literature are his Ghazals, which reflects romantic impulses, philosophy of life and delicate feelings, having a strong expression of his lonesomeness.’
He, in his poetry, usually interprets his love for a mortal beloved. According to his philosophy, only purity of love can complete a human being and fill-up the gaps of life.
His poetry is pure, natural, musical, and the content is very thoughtful. Several noted singers of Jammu and Kashmir have given new heights to his Gojri poetry through their melodious voices. Top Ghazal singers of Jammu and Kashmir like Ms Seema Anil Sehgal, Sham Sajan, Suraj Singh, Master Kartar Chand have sung his number of Ghazals , Geets for All India Radio Jammu, Poonch and Srinagar Kashmir which got highest appreciation for the audience.
One of his most popular GhazalS is:-
Tein dillan ga rog laya hoon dua likhtu rehyo
Teri majbori na vi apni khata likhto rehyo
Is zamana ne mera ik dard ki kari na ki
Houn te lakhan wasty ke ke dua likhto rehyo
As a Fiction writer
Dr Anjum is also known as fiction writer of Gojri. In his short stories, Dr. Anjum reflects the distress and pain faced by nomads, peasant, and other weaker sections living in extremely odd situations. Poorests people who spend their life measurably are heroes of his stories. Land, life, and love are main topics of his fiction. Relationship, life in the upper reaches of Himalaya, issues, and emission of people have been portrayed nicely in his short stories.
The books which got him awards for fictions are :
CHITTI MITTI (Gojri Fiction) 2019
As an Essay writer
As an essay writer, he has written many humorous pieces in Gojri. His writings expressly reflect the sweetness of humor and satire. He is quite familiar with the art of humor and satire, but at the same time, he maintains the quality of fun without giving any feelings of inferiority in his writing. He is also capable of smiling and laughing at himself while taking a dig or satire on others.
As a Lexicographer
His great achievements in the development and promotion of Gojri are his multi-language Dictionaries, which connects Gojri with other languages like Kashmiri, English, and Urdu. He, thus enjoys high esteem amongst Gujjar intellectuals, educationlists, and scholars for his work in the field of lexicography.
Dr. Anjum has complied three bi-lingual, and tri-lingual Dictionaries in Gojri, this includes :
Gojri-English Dictionary
Gojri- Urdu Dictionary Dictionary JK Gojri Anjuman 2008 (First-ever) Multilingual
Gojri-Kashmiri English
As a Researcher
Dr. Anjum’s outstanding work concerning the compilation of History of Gojri Literature in 10 volumes is nevertheless a masterly literary research exercise in tracing the origin of Gojri literature.
Besides other creative works, he, in 2000, started writing first-ever History of Gojri Language and literature, which was completed in 10 volumes.
Dr. Anjum has also known for his command on Gojri linguistics and phonology. He has contributed a well-researched book in Gojri on Basics of Gojri Grammar.
His other books are:-
Gojri Kahawat Kosh Gojri Quotations
Anjum Shanasi Biography
Sajra Phull
Peehng (Mukhlis) Selected poetry
For his outstanding contributions to literature, Dr. Anjum has been awarded by several Govt originations included J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Gurjar-Desh Charitable Trust, Jammu, Tribal Research & Cultural Foundation J&K, Dabastan e Himalaya. He won Best Book Award from State Academy for his book Dil Darya 1996, and Gojri English Dictionary in 2007, Himalayan Man Of Letters Award from HEM Rajouri in 1999, State Level Academy Award for Excellence in Literature 2007, Gujjar Gandhi Award Gujjar Employees Association 2017, Award for Excellence in Literature 2016, 2017 & 2019 from Tribal Foundation, Gurjar-Desh Trust and others.
Life and Career
From an Awan -Gujjar family of Kalai village of Poonch District, Muhammad Rafiq Anjum, later to be known as Dr. Rafiq Anjum,/ Anjum Awan was born on Jan 1, 1962. He passed his Matric and Twelfth examination from a Govt schools Kalai / Poonch and MBBS, MD, from a Govt. Medical College in Srinagar. Later he earned a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Kashmir University.
Dr. Anjum has served as Registrar and Consultant Paediatrician in GMC Srinagar and Consultant Paediatrician in JK Health services. Presently he is working as Asst. Professor in School of Islamic Studies and Languages at BGSBU Rajouri.