Spurt in militancy

Terrorist attacks in various parts of the Valley but more particularly in Pulwama sector are on the rise. For some time reports from official as well as non-official sources have been coming in that a large number of terrorists are swarmed on the other side of the LoC constantly bidding for sneaking into our side. In fact despite strict vigil by the security forces, some of them have succeeded in their nefarious mission. It should be known that now the passes are all open and physically it is not possible for the security forces to anticipate from which point jihadis would make a successful attempt. They have recruited some people dwelling on the border who are conversant with the paths used by the intruders with least possibility of being detected. These guides either get good deal of amount by way of remuneration or are intimidated and forced into becoming the guides of the intruding militants.
In one week alone, as many as four attacks have been made on BSF personnel in the same area of Pulwama. In these attacks BSF has suffered many casualties; six personnel have been killed and 12 BSF men were injured. This is a big loss. Terrorists are emboldened after inflicting these casualties on the security forces. Had the security forces taken strictest possible steps to hunt down the militants after their first attack in Pulwama area, perhaps they would not have dared to repeat these attacks and in the same place and almost with identical tactics of attacking the vehicles in which the personnel move. In all probability, the militants have carved safe haven for themselves in the locality and have also established conduits through which intelligence about the movement of the security personnel is brought to them. From a layman’s view such attacks can become successful only when the assailants have conducted detailed surveillance of the site and the movement of the forces who are deployed to secure the army air strip.
It could be the modified tactics of the terrorists to give a reasonable pause to attacking the security forces so as to lure them into postulation that militancy has come down and thus they are prone to lowering the guard. The fundamental principle in combating insurgency and militancy is not to lower the guard in any case whether the enemy is silent or moves by stealth or adopts any other tactics. One wonders whether change of guard in an extremely sensitive locale is that open to the public gaze that the militants could take full note of it in the course of surveillance which they have conducted. Normally, soon after the first attack in Pulwama sector, the BSF should have taken extraordinary steps to keep civilian trespassing far removed from the security camp. The killing of five jawans is tragic and national loss. But, it has to be brought out why the loopholes were not plugged immediately after the first attack. In other words it means that there remains much to be done to claim that now we have foolproof security arrangement.
An important question will be asked as to why the intelligence and police authorities did not trace the link of the LeT operatives in the locality. By now the security authorities should have full knowledge of the route, hideouts, conduits, and contacts of militants as they have found this site around Pulwama conducive to their mission. Many rumours are afloat about the reason why the security forces did not act adequately after the first attack or the second attack. As we know militancy has been politicized and local political leadership knows which side of their toast is buttered. We cannot say whether there is any input from these sources or not. The informers and contacts of police and security authorities seem to be too feeble to depend upon. Or may be they are under strong pressure of politicos.
That LeT operatives have become active is not unexpected. From the statements of LeT masters across the border, that terrorist organization has a comprehensive programme of destabilizing the State of Jammu and Kashmir and carrying fire and brimstone to other parts of the country. Do our policy planners think that what the LeT leaders vomit off and on against India is a joke? Do they think that the nexus between China and Pakistan to weaken India is a joke? The latest discourse eagerly pursued in radical circles is of war against India (ghazavatul hind). Do our policy planners think that the talk of Al Qaeda-TTP about war on India is a mere figment of imagination and has to be dismissed cheaply? It will be a sad day if our authorities fail to visualize the dimension of Kashmir insurgency and remain complacent with wishful thinking that “eighty per cent of militancy has come down” in comparison to what it was earlier.  The small or big incidents happening in any place in the Valley, Pulwama, Baramulla, Sopore etc. need to be tracked down to their origin. The militants have upgraded and streamlined their strategy and are now using new tactics. This is what has to be analyzed and countered. We are confident that our security forces have the capacity, determination and wherewithal to meet any exigency. But there the immediate need of changing the strategy and giving minimum rather no chance to the adversary.


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