SP’s red caps painted in blood of ‘karsevaks’: Adityanath

LUCKNOW, Jan 30:
The Samajwadi Party’s red caps are painted in the blood of victims of Muzaffarnagar riots and ‘karsewaks’ shot dead in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said.
Attacking the SP in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Adityanath, have been repeatedly targeting the party’s red cap.
“The red cap of the Samajwadi Party is painted in the blood of victims of Muzaffarnagar riots and karsewaks who were shot in Ayodhya,” Adityanath said while speaking at an event organised by a channel on Saturday evening.
Addressing a rally in Gorakhpur in December last year, Modi had targeted the SP, saying those in red caps were a “red alert” and “sign of danger” for the state, while Adityanath had in February last year, said every child sees those wearing red caps as “goons”.
The chief minister said his government has been working to protect the masses and instil a sense of safety among them while ensuring that “criminals feel scared” and surrender before police with folded hands.
Accusing the previous SP government of neglecting the poor people of the state, the chief minister alleged that the Akhilesh Yadav-led government worked only for a few friends involved in perfume business.
“They can deny (allegations) but can’t change what is true,” he said.
“They (SP) never considered Uttar Pradesh and its people as their own. Their views are family-centric and Pakistan-centric. Before 2017, riots used to occur every third day in the state and girls use to fear for their safety. This has changed under the BJP rule,” Adityanath said.
Claiming that his government has provided a new identity to Uttar Pradesh, he said, “Now businessmen and people are not forced to migrate from the state. Businessmen are now returning to the state and contributing to its development.”
Reacting to accusations that the BJP Government has targeted the people of a particular religion and why over 80 cases were lodged against SP leader Azam Khan, Adityanath said, “Our Government has not lodged any politically motivated FIR against anyone.”
“The cases against Azam Khan are a result of his wrongdoings. If anyone tries to encroach land belonging to the poor and build an institution there, then action will be taken against that person,” he said “Our Government has provided benefits to people from every caste and background. In SP, BSP and Congress Governments, the leaders use to build their house first. This has changed in our Government. We have worked to provide a house to every family in the state,” he said.
On sugarcane farmers in western Uttar Pradesh, the CM said, “The Samajwadi Party sold several sugar mills at throwaway prices. Our government has not only ensured smooth functioning of sugar mills but have also established new ones. The SP lacks vision for the development of the state.”
He said the “double engine” Government has taken the state to new heights of development in the last five years.
The term “double engine” is used by BJP leaders to refer to the party being in power at the Centre as well as in a state.
“The work done by us has given recognition to the state not only in the country but across the world,” he added. (PTI)