Spreading kerosene all over the country?

Shiban Khaibri
”Teach self denial and make its practice pleasure, and you can create for the world a destiny more sublime that ever issued from the brain of the wildest dreamer ….” ( Sir Walter Scott )

Who has ”spread” it over, when, where and how? What mechanism was employed, the means and mode for ”spreading” the inflammable object? It should be pouring or sprinkling not spreading but the word spread has particular and veiled connotations thus used intentionally . However, the question is how it can ”spread” or attempted to be spread. And , Rahul Ji ,you were representing your country the Bharat in a foreign country the Prime Minister of which recently paid a visit to this great country but he must have seen it being ”spread” or at least must have smelt it but he did neither. Otherwise , it would have been widely reported, instead he praised this country, its leadership and the people but Rahul Ji , your family for three long generations ruled this country and now you, in the fourth, have incessantly been trying since 2013-14 to step into the most challenging and thorny shoes , those worn by your great grandfather , grandmother and your father, of course, which demand only such feet which are firm on the ground, strong , powerful and once the shoes put on , the wearer must fairly know where to go, how to go and why to go and how to leave imprints that boastfully get recorded in the annals of the history of Bharat. Kindly , therefore, assess yourself especially based on your recent ”performance” in the Cambridge sponsored event where, when the anchor asked you just one simple but out of syllabus question, ” How do you vision the compact between violence and non-violence” , you were stumped very hard but still a few sycophants in the small crowd in the Hall cheered you up which even upset you looking to the limits of sycophancy having been crossed brazenly. A student of just 8th standard would have easily counted the virtues of non-violence and adverse impact of violence and not remained stoically silent but your ”condition” of not being in a position to even attempt to reply the simple question and taking a very long pause must have emotionally upset many Indians because Indians are known for excelling in every field which got immense boost and due recognition since Prime Minister Nrendra Modi took over the reins of this country all democratically and fully constitutionally twice and for the third term in 2024, less said the better about your apprehensions and about the prospects of a prospective combined third front or Maha Gathbandhan succeeding in thwarting brightest chances of the NDA government to make it to New Delhi for the third successive term.
Rahul Gandhi , who very often says that India is an idea said , “India is not in a good place , BJP has spread kerosene all over the country, you need one spark and we will be in big trouble.” What he meant by making such a sensational explosion and that too in a foreign country is better known to him , his able advisors and friends like India baiter British MP Jeremy Corbyn and advisor Sam Pitroda, latter known for his remark ”Hua tou Hua” with whom he relished a warm photograph to send messages all around . How can the country forget the ”motivational ” clarion call of “Come out of your homes and fight it out “to the nursed and protected vote Bank” of the Congress Party over the CAA which resulted in anti constitutional long protests and blockades in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh followed by unprecedented riots and disturbances in Delhi. The list is long but whom Rahul Ji wanted to impress by these unsubstantiated, imaginary and totally untrue assertions of going to the extent of kerosene spread all over the country. How could a few sponsored ”galaxy” of the audience help Rahul Ji fulfilling his only dream of becoming the Prime Minister of this country for which he tries to use his every nerve and spare no occasion to even put the image of this country down while trying to set at naught Modi Ji and his government and project it all a failure, wherever he finds an occasion for the same.
Alternately, it can be known by the one with a chequered 26 years in Indian Foreign Service later joining Congress to rise to the rank of a cabinet Minister but burning midnight oil in furthering the cause of Nehruvian secularism , Mani Shankar Aiyer who had predicted in 2014 that never ever could Modi Ji be elected as the country’s Prime Minister and at best he could ”prosper” under the benevolence of Congress Party which can lease out to him a corner in the courtyard of Congress Bhawan to pursue his small business of making chai. It is another thing that the same Mani Shanker had, on the Pakistani soil beseech Pakistani leaders , ”Inn ko hatao aur hamain laoo ” or unseat them and install us as if Pakistan was the supreme Election Commission for not us in any way but for those who were made to eat a humble pie by the people of this country both in 2014 and 2019. Aptly, golden words of the great Albert Einstein can be recalled when he said that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.
With his greatest find of kerosene ”spread” all over the country, he had something more to say by adding that , “I think that is also the responsibility of the opposition – the Congress – that bring people , communities, states and religions together” . Khuda karey kucch na samjey koie – was pointedly spoken by the famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib for such assertions. If that ”bringing together” is the responsibility of the Congress , what is it doing , when shall it be doing and how it shall be doing and how it feels that must be doing. Another constitutional research by Rahul Gandhi was that India was not a nation but a union of states thus selectively quoting Article 1 of the constitution which says India that is Bharat is a union of states but he forgot to turn just a page back and look into the preamble where India is described as a nation . Why did Rahul Gandhi attempt to interpret in his own way and convenience rather to serve a purpose , this pathetically partitioned country in 1947 whereupon two theocratic Islamic countries came into being by just giving an impression that Bharat was the union of states like the US implying more autonomy and freedom to be given to states with perhaps a weak centre forgetting that this country was the oldest surviving civilization of the world greatness of which emanates from the sacred Vedas time in which it finds its origin.
When questioned about this union of states remarks, Rahul Ji asked back , “Did I use the word nation ” and Rashtra is kingdom,” but he was corrected being informed that Rashtra is the Sanskrit version of nation” but Rahul Ji remained adamant that the word nation is a western concept.” Is it any new political science that Rahul Ji wants us to read?
Nations make the constitution and constitutions do not make nations. This great country, for serving whichever ends, cannot be reduced to a nation bound by the constitution only and not having all the regard for its great history, heritage , culture and civilization . Congress and other selfstyled ”secular” parties must bear this thing in mind that even if belatedly, a growing consciousness is , therefore, emerging for preserving , projecting and even glorifying ancient rich Bharti culture and heritage notwithstanding that awakening may be given any bad name . And people are watching how two sons of India simultaneously on foreign tour did what – for this country. One projected the country in the truer spirits befitting its greatness , development, power and resilience , the other projected a dismal horrifying picture , poor values and projecting a “big trouble” ahead if a spark of ignition was shown to the ”spread” kerosene . These are the things which the people of this country shall be meticulously assessing in order to take a suitable decision, again , in 2024 and even thereafter. Let us wait and see.