Sports Council must release contractors’ money

If the works executed by the contractors in respect of four different sports stadiums and rural playgrounds of Kathua district costing over Rs. 9 crores so far have satisfactorily been done and verified the same too, what is the point in withholding their payments is beyond comprehension. The position reaching this end that they have stopped the work midway rather at the finishing levels rendering the entire exercise of providing sports stadiums for players as of non utility if not entirely wasteful is quite unfortunate.
When timelines are specified by which the projects should normally be completed, when duly sanctions and releasing of funds like issues are taken care of, why administrative incompetence should spoil the entire game especially with regard to projects concerning games and sports playing of different hues? In other words, these stadiums and playgrounds were scheduled to be completed in all respects by the end of 2020 and in fact, reportedly 90 percent of the job being already completed but even after four months delay because of inordinately keeping back clearing of the bills of the contractors and their stopping of the work under protest, it is unlikely that these projects would be soon completed should the Sports Council not clarify its stand.
It is not only the case with these stadiums, even in respect of those ”revived” under languishing projects scheme, the same administrative attitude was seen which needs to be changed and any withholding of payments should be backed and supported only by cogent reasons. We, therefore, urge the concerned authorities to look into the issue of the payment of contractors’ bills so that the projects are handed over to the Sports Council for specific sports purposes at an early date.