Special maternity leave

Women play the most significant role in any society’s growth. From the role of a mother to raise a child to her contribution as a working wife towards the economic stability of the family, the contributions of women are of great importance. Only women can understand the difficulties faced by working women. To perform office duties, manage a house, look after children, and, of course, do other daily chores is not an easy task. The sacrifices made by women cannot be compensated. However, the Government of India has always taken into account the practical situation. It has sanctioned 60 days of special maternity leave in the event of the death of a child soon after birth or stillbirth. For any mother, such a situation is truly traumatic, and mental stress is difficult to cope with in this situation. For a mother who nurtured the child for nine months, facing this situation is too much to bear. The administration must be appreciated for understanding the situation and coming up with this out-of-the-box solution.
The Government has from time to time incorporated many schemes and leaves for working mothers, and this is one of the most significant ones for traumatic mothers. It will give them ample time to recover physically as well as overcome stress due to unavoidable circumstances. The administration has extended the relief immediately to Jammu and Kashmir also, and it will go a long way towards building further trust between the Government and employees. The benefit is for government-working women only, but there must be some mechanism to extend the same to private-working women, especially those working in unregulated segments. Small businessmen cannot afford the long paid leaves of their female employees. As such, some financial help from the government will be a welcome relief. It is a well-timed and welcome relief for working women, although certain conditions are also required by the Government.