Speaker releases ‘The Humane Quest’

Speaker Kavinder Gupta and others releasing 'The Humane Quest' book at Jammu on Sunday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
Speaker Kavinder Gupta and others releasing 'The Humane Quest' book at Jammu on Sunday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 19: Speaker, Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta released the maiden book “The Humane Quest” written by author Mehak Gupta Grover, wife of Varun Grover, Executive Director Amartex Industries Limited, Chandigarh.
On the occasion, Padamshree Balwant Thakur, Regional Director, ICCR, Dr Arun Gupta, Chairman, MIER and Rakesh Gupta, President CCI were also present.
The author is born and brought up in Jammu and married in Chandigarh. She has a bachelor’s degree in law. Her book ponders upon the societal issues at large. It covers all the current issues which are being faced by the society including corruption, superstition, girl’s plight, global warming and a lot more. The moral values and traditions for which our country is known for is somehow vanishing from the present times. Our Indian values are so pious that nobody can deviate from their path. For our upcoming generation, these values need to be narrated. People specially the youth living in countries like India with ancient cultures and civilizations find themselves in a crucible- unable to decide what to pick and what to choose for themselves.
In an environment characterized by greed, corruption, false show of status, self centeredness, environmental degradation and religious fanaticism, the young author calls for adopting a sane and realistic approach by holding on to the age old and tested values for which our country is famous the world over.
The book was applauded by the distinguished guests for making our generation keep an eye contact with the current issues and be sensible enough to keep our values and traditions much alive. The Author wrote all the issues in much a simpler way.
In the end, Vinay Gupta presented vote of thanks.


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