Spare our ears!

The use of loud horns in vehicles by the people of Jammu is  easily noticeable. This is to bring the readers’ attention towards the unnecessary vehicular honking in Jammu city.
The menace of honking is especially rampant in resential colonies wherein youngsters make excessive use of horn while riding bikes just to make their presence felt or to flaunt their flashy vehicles, thereby disturbing people.
In India, as a whole, unnecessary vehicular honking is the main reason for noise pollution. The problem is worst at traffic signals where drivers start honking without waiting for the signal to turn green  or for traffic to move. Mini bus drivers show no respect to the law that prohibits the use of horn at traffic signals and other silent zones, such as areas near hospitals, schools, etc.
It is high time for people to understand that horn is meant for emergency only. It is not a toy to play with.It is every essential to sensitize them about the impact of their act which is not just disturbing but at the same time irritating the entire neighbourhood and is an inconvenience. Therefore, I request the authorities concerned to take strict action to control this menace.
Yours etc….
Supriya Batra
IIMC, Jammu


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