Soon, glimpse Kashmir to Kanyakumari from toy train in Delhi

NEW DELHI, May 6: Very soon, a joyride inside the National Bal Bhavan’s toy train will provide a visual glimpse into India’s culture, traditions, history and heritage.

“The mini train at the Bal Bhavan here, loved by both children and adults alike has been rechristened ‘The Bal Bhavan Express’ and will commence operations once again,” Shallu Jindal, Chairperson, National Bal Bhavan said here today.

The train, a complete miniature railway with open coaches and seating arrangements, runs parallel to the boundary wall of the Bhavan, which also sports a full fledged railway station and an engine house

“We have begun painting the entire boundary wall with a pan-Indian theme. From Delhi’s Qutub Minar to Uttar Pradesh’s Taj Mahal, paintings based on heritage, culture and history of all states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari can be seen. A journey in the toy train will feel like a journey through India,” Jindal said.

The Chairperson pointed out the train, which was once powered by steam and later a diesel engine, would be painted in bright colours and would be “completely upgraded with an electric engine.

“The long term plan is also to link the visuals that children will see on the boundary wall with audio to enhance their learning in a fun manner,” Jindal said.

Jindal also shared her plans to improvise and upgrade the National Bal Bhavan.

“Now workshops for children will be available during summer, winter, autumn and also spring. We also plan to introduce new workshops like horticulture,” she said.

Other upgradation activities planned at the Bal Bhavan include renovating its mini planetarium, development of a horticultural department, installation of maps and signage, development of an aviary and animal corner among others. A website is also planned.

“We also plan to create a microcosm of a modern Indian village, which will inform children about traditional and sustainable living, organic farms etc,” Jindal said.

Meanwhile, Jindal also handed out the first Tiranga Badge Awards, instiuted by the Flag Foundation to select school children for their contribution to social service. (PTI)