Sonia accuses BJP, Modi of ‘sowing seeds of poison’

GULBARGA (Karna), Feb 1:  In a stinging attack on BJP and its PM candidate Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi today accused them of indulging in divisive politics by “sowing seeds of poison” (zeher ki kheti) and instigating violence in their “hunger” for power.

Addressing a rally here, the Congress chief alleged that BJP and other parties “have only one motive and that is to hanker after power”.

“I am of the firm belief that you will not allow those who sow the seeds of poison, indulge in divisive politics, do not believe in secular principles and play politics of inciting violence to succeed,” Gandhi said.

BJP reacted sharply to Gandhi’s remarks, with party spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy saying that Congress will meet in 2014 the same fate as the drubbing it got in 2007 in Gujarat after her ‘maut ka saudagar’ (merchent of death) remarks against Narendra Modi.

In an apparent reference to Modi, Gandhi said “those who are busy beating their own drums continuously, I want to ask you whether they will do good to the nation. No, not at all. Their only aim is to capture power and to achieve it they will resort to all sorts of conspiracies. You have to wary of these people and understand their intentions.”

Her remarks came as she made reference to Hyderabad- Karnataka region in the northern part of the state as land of “Sufism” which symbolised composite culture.

The Congress President also said that while the opposition craved for power, her party was concerned about the country and its people.

“…It is necessary for the people to be cautious about the opposition parties plans to gain power by any means and hatching conspiracies,” Gandhi said.

“We are also concerned about the removal of poverty and bringing self-respect to the poor. We are concerned about fostering brotherhood and maintaining peace in society. Therefore we are in a position to speed up development.”

Gandhi said Congress was engaged in fighting corruption and therefore the party brought into force the Right to Information Act and Lok Pal Act.

But, she said, Opposition parties, including BJP gave empty promises and levelled false allegations.

Turning to Karnataka, she said because of the corrupt previous BJP rule in the state, central schemes like MGNREGA did not reach people. However, the present Congress government has been successful in implementing these schemes, she said.

Gandhi said there was no need for Congress to talk of corruption of opposition parties, as they had experienced it especially during BJP rule in the state. (PTI)